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Amazing Histories, October 1927: Prehistoric Life and Futuristic Crimes

Two people stand inside an observatory, staring up at the sky. They have access to a large telescope, but they are not looking through...

Amazing Histories, September 1927: From a Darker Place

extraterrestrial diseases, chemically-created spectres, man-eating plants, electric deathtraps and people being turned to stone...and it's ONLY 1927....

The Great Collection in the Sky

"Collecting" online precludes the need for shelves

Big Brain Aliens

Look at the aliens from This Island Earth. If they are so smart, why are the denizens of Metaluna all such big headed pricks?

AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: Nebula Awards Skip Frank M. Robinson...

Frank M. Robinson's special award ceremony WILL be rescheduled!

Pick Your Favorite Paul Poll #4: April 1928 – March 1929

The last of our four preliminary polls to choose our favorite Frank R. Paul Amazing Stories cover.

Scide Splitters: Mr. Hawkins’ Humorous Adventures by Edgar Franklin

A look at the Mr. Hawkins' Humorous Adventures stories by Edgar Franklin.

The Golden Amazon (Part 2), Heroine of the Parasite Planet, Her...

R. Graeme Cameron's saga chronicling the exploits of Violet Ray continue and we learn of an Australian angle....

Scide Splitters: What Mad Universe by Fredric Brown

Reasons why you should read What Mad World by Fredric Brown, if you haven't already.

SF Weapons 101: An Introduction

Retro Raygun by Donsolo   Science Fiction from its earliest incarnations has always featured some sort of futuristic weaponry. From H.G. Wells’ martian heat-ray to the...