Patrick Rothfuss

Noticias Literatura 23-10

Patrick Rothfuss en España El estadounidense Patrick Rothfuss visitará por primera vez España el próximo mes de noviembre. El autor de “El nombre del viento” y “El temor de un hombre sabio,” de los que se han vendido más de 800.000 ejemplares en lengua castellana, se encontrará con sus lectores en varios actos que se celebrarán en […]

Crossing the Divide Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

There are some people who have clear preferences among their reading genres.  Myself, I read more science fiction than fantasy, but there are times when I definitely want the fantasy.  Then there’s my dad. He’s the kind of thoughtful, rational person who has a hard time suspending his disbelief for a fantasy story.  It just […]

A Tale of ConQuesT, Magic, Mystery, and Mayhem Part 2

At last the day arrived, and I broke the seal on my compression chamber, releasing an exotic blend of oxygen and nitrogen with a bold taste of helium into the atmosphere. I confess to feeling a little apprehensive at leaving my keyboard behind, but my quest for the Loc-Nar required courage. As my horseless carriage […]

A Tale of ConQuesT, Magic, Mystery, and Mayhem

While riding my keyboard and mouse across the infinite electronic pathways of the world, I discovered something quite surprising. At first when I stumbled upon it, I sloughed it off as just another coincidence. But as more and more evidence began to clog up my history folder, I realized that something strange was going on. […]

How To End Your Story

Have you ever seen the movie The Party with Peter Sellers? The first scene is priceless. Sellers plays an actor who is shot in a war scene; he subverts the script by refusing to die. His endless death struggles get so annoying that even the men on his side turn and shoot him.   The […]

Characters: Kvothe from The Name of the Wind

Among fantasy titans, Patrick Rothfuss shocked just about everyone by carving a place for himself with his book, The Name of the Wind. It centered on Kvothe, a character of a hundred different stories and the truth behind those stories. Then Rothfuss did it again with The Wise Man’s Fear, the second book to feature […]