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The Hugos, From Far, Far Away

Thoughts on the Hugos from an editor who will be eligible for nomination in 2017.

The NASA Brand Around the World

NASA put men on the moon. No one else has even come close. NASA needs to be supported.

We Can be Heroes

The conversation got me thinking about heroes and what characteristics are expected of a hero from generation to generation.

La ciencia ficción no es diversión vacía

Ante todo, deseo saludar educadamente, pues es mi primer escrito para Amazing Stories. Mi intención es hablar de muchos temas, entre los que estarán...

The Artful Collector: Handling Difficult People Part 2: The Collector (or)...

Do you think artists have a monopoly on “crazy”?  Heh.  You ain't seen nothin, till you've had to handle the people who buy SF/F...