The Artful Collector: The Art of Collecting

When asked to explain why I chose “The Artful Collector” as my byline, and what I mean by that play on words, I always respond “because there’s an “art” to collecting, whether it’s Art that you collect, or not.”  And by “artful,” I mean shrewdness is going to be needed, for success in collecting.  Since […]

The Artful Collector: The World Fantasy Convention 2014

I have to confess, reporting on a convention is usually crazy fun for me.  It’s an occasion for legitimate name-dropping of all the new artists I met, and for describing all manner and sorts of program items, events and parties.  This report?  NONE OF THAT.  I didn’t go to a single con party, I didn’t […]

The Artful Collector: IlluXCon 7 Convention Report

Well, I’m home from the front lines, back from the “trenches” filled with Imaginative Realism – and the reunion was an unqualified success!  I say “reunion” because IlluXCon (IX for short) feels just like that, attracting the same fans, collectors and artists, year after year.  With just enough “newbies” in all categories to make the convention feel […]

The Artful Collector: IlluxCon 7 “The Prequel”

It seems like only yesterday (in fact, it WAS only yesterday) that I turned in the last of my postings on the 72nd Worldcon: LonCon3 . . . and here I am (along with dozens of artists) gearing up for the next. IlluXCon 7 (IX for short).  Which will be a totally different convention experience – […]

The Artful Collector: Your Guide to ArtSpeak – Part I

The language of art collecting can be strange, wonderful and at times totally mystifying to outsiders.  It’s a vocabulary rife with very specific descriptors (“etching, serigraph, remarque”) as well as a baffling assortment of slang, jargon and doubletalk.  As peculiar to the ears as the language of techies or circus carnies, it also can be […]

The Artful Collector: “Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Alan M. Clark

It’s hard to believe that we met Alan 28 years ago – I think it was his first SF Worldcon – In Atlanta, GA.  He was just beginning his art career, and we were receptive collectors, attracted to the incredible variety and quality of artworks being generated by artists then working in the field.  The […]

The Artful Collector: Why Artists Disappear

You may be wondering what inspired my ongoing series “Where are they Today?”  – postings which shed light on the doings of artists whose works, only a short generation or so ago, were prime targets for collectors.   Well, last year I stumbled upon a blog by the well-known mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy […]