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I Had One Writing Ritual and I Gave It Up

Writing rituals - when to use them and when to give them up

Remembering Joe Bethancourt

Joe Bethancourt 1946 - 2014

Wake Up Your Muse: How My Cat Taught Me the Art...

When I go to my computer to write, I write.

AMAZING News – 9/29/13

Genre News - and lots of it!

The Real Manga Blues: A “Me and the Devil Blues” Review

Of all the potential stories to succeed phenomenally in manga form, not many people expect a story centering around blues music in the deep...

Vinyl Albums, KLAATU and the Warrior at the Edge of Time

Let's travel back in time, you and I. Let's go back to a time before music was delivered in packets of data. Let's travel...

What Does the Music of the Future Sound Like?

When I was a kid, I saw a cheezy science fiction B movie wherein someone was playing an instrument that looked like a small...

Punk Rock Queen: A Nana Review

I would like to come forward with a confession: throughout most of college, I largely had to put my anime love on hiatus -...