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REALLY “REACHING”—Jack Reacher is NOT SF/F! (Book Review)

Steve wonders whether the non-SF/F series about Jack Reacher, by Lee Child, could actually be an “underground” SF/F series. Hmmm.

Science Fiction Theatre in the UK Fringe, 2015

With titles like "What Would Spock Do?" and "Cuckoos and Chrysalides", science fiction is taking over the stage at numerous fringe fests.


Steve looks at Netflix's new SF offering by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczinski. The season starts slowly but begins to build quickly after episode 1.

Three Surreal Horror Happenings, This Week In London

Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders, Morgiana, and Psycho with a live orchestra, this week in London!


Steve reviews William Gibson's significant new SF book and talks about his last non-fiction book. And mentions having lunch with the author.

Spooky London

Ever since Count Dracula arrived in London aboard the Demeter, London has been a spooky place.

The Artful Collector: Highlights from LonCon3 – The Biggest SF Worldcon...

Part 3 of Jane's con report on Loncon3 - the good, the bad and the art.

Hot Enough For You? Science fiction, the Weather And Anarchy In...

In the UK, hot weather is so remarkable that we have even been known to make science fiction films about it.

Review – The Man Who Haunted Himself (Blu-Ray/DVD)

The Man Who Haunted Himself is, as the title suggests, both a ghost and a doppelgänger story

Excerpt: Thom Blood by Terence Jackson

Thom Blood is the second installment in the Blood Underground series by author Terence Jackson. Blood Underground chronicles the lives of a particular clan of vampires and their minions who inhabit the unused and deserted train tunnels that crisscross underneath the city of London.

Urban Fantasy in Urban Ideal

I have recently read and reviewed several urban fantasy books, by virtue of having tripped into a bit of an urban fantasy phase. It...

Jingoism and the Culture of Fear in Star Trek Into Darkness

Having seen Star Trek Into Darkness twice now, and having very much enjoyed it, my aim is to avoid spoilers here whenever possible, for...

ASM Blog Horde Interview with Terence Jackson

Welcome to the Amazing Stories BLOG HORDE INTERVIEWS! The ASM Blog Horde is a diverse and wonderful species. I have the privilege of talking with all...