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This week, Steve holds his breath and dives into movies about amphibious guys, which is a thing, now. Not Navy Seals, but Gill-Men (and Guillermo!). Put on your dive mask and check it out!

The Rousing Speech

Today...Today we choose to read this post, not because it is easy but because it is fun! We choose to read this post and the other things on Amazing because this challenge is one we choose to accept!


Back from the holidays, Steve tackles three (!) B-movies at once. Why B-movies particularly? Like Everest, they're there... and they significantly outnumber the really good ones! See what YOU think!

Konami Going Under?

Wither thou goest Konami?

Time Out’s ‘100 Best Sci-Fi Films’

This week the UK London listings and entertainment guide Time Out published part of an on-going series of genre by genre features on the 100 Best Films. The current one is ‘The 100 best sci-fi movies’. Gary Dalkin takes a look...

Recap: “Night Zero,” The Strain, Season 1, Episode 1

There’s nothing classical about The Strain’s take on bloodsuckers....

Precap: The Strain, Season 1

The Strain is coming to FX. Here's what we know.

Happy New Year! My Top 25 Horror Moments Of 2013

Mr. Simpson shares 25 horrors with us, a journey through a horrifying year.

Humanity’s Armored Hope: A Pacific Rim Review

It's bizarre to consider, but I've been plagued all week on how to begin my review of Guillermo Del Toro's new giant monsters versus...

Deconstructing Horror: Moving Pictures, Silent Films – Haunted Houses on the...

Moving Pictures, Silent Films; Haunted Houses on the Screen