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REWIND: Interview with Award-Winning Author Michael Swanwick

Getting back together with Michael Swanwick, Launch Pad Workshop Alum

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 11

A new fantasy entry for the greatest fantasy novels of all time.

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 10

The character of the young Arthur, known as Wart, was so finely crafted that famous authors such as J. K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman have confessed to borrowing elements of the character for their own stories.

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 9

A new addition to the Greatest SF&F works of all time!

The Greatest Fantasy Novels of All Time Part 8

An 8th tome is added to our running list of - THE GREATEST FANTASY NOVELS OF ALL TIME

The Grand Masters’ Reading List

It would be tough to go wrong with this list of recommended Holiday reads by the Grand Masters of Science Fiction

AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: New F&SF Anthology (Update)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction announces a forth coming Best Of anthology

Fantasy Novels to Appeal to the Science Fiction Reader and Vice...

Mike Brotherton - 'hard' scientist, recommends a few fantasy novels that might appeal to readers of 'hard' science fiction.

Interview with Award-Winning Author Michael Swanwick

Interview with Award-Winning Author Michael Swanwick.

When Science Fiction is Not Science Fiction

s\Some writers who might have started off in science fiction soon reveal their true selves when they start publishing what they really want to write about.

Your Majesty, I’m So Over You

Ranks and titles are powerful tools in the fantasy writer's toolkit. What a shame they are used so unimaginatively in general. I offer some inspiration alongside your weekly dose of young fogeyishness.
Peace by Gene Wolfe

Crossroads: “Literary” Speculative Fiction and Literary Sensibilities

As I mentioned last week, trying to draw general conclusions about the relationship between mainstream literary fiction and speculative fiction is difficult at best....
Venn diagram of Literary Fiction/Speculative Fiction along Character/Plot Spectrum

Crossroads: The Cores of Literary Fiction and Speculative Fiction

The relationship between speculative fiction and mainstream literary fiction is complicated by decades of group identity dynamics, mutual ignorance, and overbroad critical generalizations about...