Dystopian Science Fiction

Low Intensity – 4 – M. K. Wren

I strongly urge you to check out the Phoenix Legacy trilogy. It’s a terrific series (also available as ebooks). Even if you don’t like romance, but like real, human characters in a speculative setting – you’ll like The Phoenix Legacy.

The Meteor That Never Fell

Just kidding! Putin didn’t really ride that meteor! But it was an uneasy thing to watch, and it prompted uneasier thoughts about other things that fall, and why I crave stories with endings.

An Interview with K. D. Emerson

Adam Gaffen for Amazing Stories Magazine: Our first Interview is with K.D. Emerson, author of – well, let’s just get right into this, shall we? What is the title of your book? K. D. Emerson: Oooh lala! I love this question because the title of my book has a double meaning. Title: Digitus 233 ASM: A […]