Dean Wesley Smith


It’s the end of another year. Where do we want to be by this time next year? Have we learned anything? Have we become better people? Steve tries to make some serious points about being a fan.


For his final column of 2018, Steve dives into the Nov./Dec. issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, which everyone just calls “F&SF.” It tastes great and is more filling with fewer calories than competing magazines!


This week Steve tells you where to get even MORE GREAT SF/F for next to nothing! And if you were reading this column four years ago you might have read the rest. Just sayin’.

Fiction River Debuts

Fiction River WMG Publishing Six times a year Electronic $6.99 Trade Paper $15.99 I interviewed Kristine Kathryn Rusch two weeks ago about the experience of launching Fiction River via Kickstarter. Fiction River is a new anthology series billed as an “anthology magazine” by the publisher, WMG Publishing. The current publishing schedule is every other month, […]

Crowdfunding Fiction River: An Interview with Kristine Kathryn Rusch

My post on crowdfunding a few weeks back generated some really great discussion and seemed to tap into something of interest to a great many people. This topic, like the rest of publishing these days, is very dynamic, so it’s one I’m going to return to on a regular basis. Two of the people leading […]

Cedar Sanderson Novel

To ISBN, or Not to ISBN?

I’ve been on the brink of buying a ten-pack of ISBN numbers a half-dozen times the last few weeks. The reason I haven’t just pinched my nose and stepped off into the deep end is, quite frankly, money. For that ten pack, which should be adequate to publish two novels in paper and multiple e-formats, […]