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Misterio y fantasía en la novela ecuatoriana “Diosa verde, la tabla...

Review of an illustrated novel with three authors

100 años de Bradbury: a propósito de su poesía

Celebrating Ray Bradbury's Centennial

Los cuentos de Jorge Alberto Collao

A review of the collection by Chilean author Jorge Alberto Collao that asks - Can we laugh in the silence of the cosmos?

Audiobook Review: Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Cosmos by Carl Sagan is a fine companion to the hard copy and an even better introduction for those new to this informative examination of our universe.

Book Review: King of the Worlds by M. Thomas Gammarino

If you like weird, absurd, meta fiction, then check out King of the Worlds, but if that isn't your cup of tea...

Review: Marcher by Chris Beckett (2014 Newcon Press edition)

Marcher is Chris Beckett's second novel, now making its UK debut in a significantly revised edition from Newcon Press. When his first novel to be published in the UK, Dark Eden (2012), won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Chris Beckett seemed to many to have come out of nowhere. In-fact the author had been steadily publishing short stories since the beginning of the 1990s and his first book, The Turing Test (2008 - Elastic Press), had won the Edgehill Prize, the UK's only national award for single-author short story collections...

Articles populaires mars 2014

Fabien explains our March scribblings for reader of the language of love.

RECAP: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

A look at the introductory episode of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey.

COSMOS Premieres Tomorrow

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson premeires tomorrow

The Pale Blue Dot

I learned of this comic book style rendering of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot soliloquy from The Huffingtonpost.  I immediately got in touch with...