To Expose Or Not To Expose…That Is the Question

In fiction, exposition breaks away from the ongoing action of a scene to give information. It can be a paragraph or go on for several pages. Exposition often provides contextual information critical for the reader to buy-in to character-motivation or the ideas promoted in the story.

Characters: Jet Black frmo Cowboy BeBop

Rounding out the characters from Cowboy Bebop, we end with Jet Black, the Black Dog. Yes, there’s still Ed, but what else can be said about her than, he’s a seven foot ex basketball pro, hindu, guru, drag queen, alien? Spike and Faye are certainly more popular than the Bebop’s oldest crew member, but Jet […]

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part 3)

Why Short Fiction?: The benefits of the short game to a writing career Welcome back. This is the third in my weekly series of posts on how to market and sell short fiction. This week, I discuss the benefits of short fiction to a writing career. Personally, I love short stories, both to read and […]