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In a previous column, Steve gave short shrift to a comic strip version of Modesty Blaise. Here he humbly eats his words!

“Se trata de evitar abusos, de evitar sexismo y racismo, no...

Los que estamos acostumbrados a los diviertidos Finncones, nos sentimos un poco decepcionados de que algunas cosas no funcionaran bien en la Worldcon. Me...

Why is Britain So Scared of Horror?

Why has the home of Shelley, Stoker & Stevenson forsaken Halloween?

The Artist as Criminal: The Frank Cho Spider-Gwen Controversy

Mr. Jackson on the latest internet blowup. And freedom of expression.



The Forbidden Library

How many of these forbidden books are you guilty of reading?


Censorship of images has been much on people's minds this last week. I thought I'd write a post about the depiction of nudity.

Comic Review: Video Nasty #1 – 2

Video Nasty is a hard-boiled, gritty suspense-thriller of a comic book.

The Artful Collector: Good Art by Bad Men, continued . ....

A continued look at the morality of art and the distinction between the art and the artist.

From the In Box 6/1/13

SFWA CONTROVERSY:  RESNICK & MALZBERG & 'SEXIST' COVERS Daniel M. Kimmel Announces BOFCA Facebook Page SFWA Controversy!!!  Authors Up in Arms! Pitchforks and Torches Heading for...

Sequential Wednesdays #8 – Rotten & Dirty [UPDATED]

UPDATE: ComiXology's David Steinberger has announced that it was *NOT* Apple's decision to not release Saga #12.  Please see my comment below. It's genuinely shocking that...