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Daniel M. Kimmel Announces BOFCA Facebook Page

SFWA Controversy!!!  Authors Up in Arms! Pitchforks and Torches Heading for the Castle! In the immortal words of Dr. Venkman, famed parapsychologist and Ghost Buster: “Cats and dogs sleeping together!” – an affair of Biblical Proportion!

SFWA, the writers organization for SF and Fantasy authors publishes a monthly trade publication, The Bulletin.  A couple of months ago, members Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg published an article in their Talk Radio Redux column that got a lot of folks upset over their seeming insensitivity to gender issues, censorship (and a bunch of other stuff).

You can read the entirety of their article here.

Gasoline was thrown on the fire with the release of Issue 200 of The Bulletin, featuring a female warrior clad in scale armor that many objected to and is of the type that Jim C. Hines has been portraying recently.

Chris Gerwel leapt into the fray with this post; SF Signal has a host of links to additional commentary, including at least one SFWAn who has announced their resignation from the organization.


Daniel M. Kimmel, film critic and occasional blogger here at Amazing Stories announced the Boston Online Film Critics Association channel on Youtube.

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