AMAZING NEWS: 5/3/20 – Screen Doors on Submarines Edition

SPECIAL NOTE:  AmazingCon is coming June 12-14, an online convention featuring readings from over 40 authors, writing workshops and discussion panels.  Registration is FREE, but registration is required for attendance.  Details are forthcoming (we’re working as fast as we can) and a website devoted to the convention – – is currently live but is currently a place-holder.  So hang on just a little longer for more details.


OTHER SPECIAL NOTE (and mini-editorial):  As some state Governors – influenced by political agendas rather than facts and science – attempt to return their states to some version of “normalcy” by relaxing lockdown restrictions, it is VERY important to remember that “the economy” does not matter to people who are dead.  Despite whatever your local social distancing regulations may be, please maintain good safety practices.

No, using Nazi symbols and slogans is NOT OK, no matter how impassioned your protest may be

Jeanne Gomoll’s TAFF report from 1987 is now available.

13 Year Old wins NASA Essay Contest

Time for a Remake of ST:  The Voyage Home?  Humpback whales are gathering in unprecedented numbers

Read the latest issue of Surprising Stories

Review of Asimov’s Before the Golden Age 

1935 Buck Rogers Space Helmet at Vintage Space Toys

Dragon Capsule passes final parachute test

RETURN TO MANNED SPACE FLIGHT 4:32 p.m. EDT Wednesday, May 27 – details on NASA’s coverage of pre-launch and launch

Dragon’s Lair has your plushies, and your T-shirts too

Read Issue 540 of the British Columbia SF Association’s clubzine

Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements Kindle edition now only $2.99

Help NASA Hack Covid-19

Kim Stanley Robinson predicts the future of society

Read the latest issue of “As Thingy as a Very Thingy Thing” can be – Ansible

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