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Estrategias de legitimación de la ciencia ficción en Cuba: estudio de...

A discussion of three periods in Cuban science fiction.

UNA DISTOPIA IN EXTREMIS: Entrevista a Ronald Rodríguez Gonzáles

Interview with Ronald Rodríguez Gonzales, a Bolivian cybergrind writer who has created the saga Hyperreality: The Book of Shadows.


Steve continues to travel in time—at least in his head—by reviewing a movie that came out a couple of years ago. A time-travel movie of a sort. It’s all timey-wimey stuff!

Book Review: Pirate Utopia by Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling's new novel showcases the theme of doing "great" things in the name of progress, regardless of whatever collateral damage is caused.

Review: The Memory Hunter by Jon Konrath

What brought me back to science fiction was the work of cyberpunk writers such as Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling and, yes, William Gibson.

Entrevista con Scott Lynch, Autor Nominado al World Fantasy Award

An interview with World Fantasy Award nominee Scott Lynch

REVIEWS: John Shirley—Between Genres (Always)

Steve considers two of John Shirley's different genres: Fantasy Detective and Western!

AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: New F&SF Anthology (Update)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction announces a forth coming Best Of anthology

Ciencia Ficción y Cultura Libre

Luis Cermeno examines the benefits and the conflicts that occur when science fiction publishing meets the creative commons.

The Other Victoria: Steampunk’s Queen

Was it Colonel Mustard in the arboretum with the steam shovel? Steve participates in a steampunk murder mystery evening.

Walking the River at LoneStarCon 3

LoneStarCon 3 promises to be one of the truly landmark events in the history of science fiction. Something so magnificent owes a great debt to San Antonio Fandom

Review: The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling

I can't think of a better novel to start my exploration of steampunk then The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. This award-winning novel,...