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Noticias Literatura 27-11

EFEMÉRIDE, an anthology collecting the best stories from the Apollo 11 story contest and images from GolemFest


Steve time travels (again?) back to 1961 with the review of the movie “Hidden Figures” and finds it more than good. Possibly his fave movie so far this year!

Can you Hear Me, Major Tom?: The Death of David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust has gone back to Mars. Major Tom can't hear us anymore.

Asni’s Art Blog: Moon Landing

I belong to a generation who have grown up in the knowledge that humans can fly to the moon.

The Top Ten Greatest Spaceships of All Time

A list of the top ten greatest spaceships of all time, following some rules, of course.

Flags On The Moon: Apollo 11 (Rocket Science Required)

Apollo 11 was the first of six Apollo spacecraft to land on the Moon. A total of twelve men walked on her surface, and every crew planted an American flag at their landing site. Each flag has a story to tell.

Flags On The Moon: Program Apollo (Who Owns The Moon?)

Today, if they think about it at all, most Americans take for granted that the Apollo astronauts planted American flags on the Moon. That wasn't always the plan.

The Apollo Program, A Personal Journal: Interest Fades

Public and Congressional support for Program Apollo waned after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. My company handed out layoff notices before Apollo 11 splashed down.

A Fan’s History, Part the Next….

Fan Fahnestalk takes us through dead tree 'zines, 'live pixel' zines, IBM Selectrics, toner feel and more in this personal fan history.

AMAZING News 7/21/2013

 CAUSES 100 Great SF Stories by Women Don't Travel to Texas If You Do Go to Texas, Stand With Their Women Scalzi on OSC Movie Boycott (Read through...

We Went to the Moon Once

4:18 today, July 20th, 2013, will mark the 44th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing. Forty four years ago today I sat in front of...