Anna Hackett

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for March

Time to share a few of the hot new releases in science fiction romance from March! Anna Hackett published book 9 in her Galactic Gladiators series, entitled Guardian. I really enjoyed this new entry in the series, since the author changed things up a bit and added murder mysteries to the problems facing her characters […]

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for June

Time to talk new releases in science fiction romance again! Mars Ho by Jennifer Willis sounds intriguing; with a blend of reality show TV thrown into the mix of the first human flight to colonize Mars. Here’s the story: What would you do for a one-way trip to Mars? Lori Ridgway entered the Mars Ho […]

Readers Highlight Amazing Science Fiction Romance Covers

April showers bring May flowers, or in this case, pretty science fiction romance covers! I asked the readers in the SciFi Romance Group to share cover art that was so memorable to them, the image had stayed in their minds long after they closed the book. Some of the covers are for new books and […]

New Science Fiction Romances Arrive

More new science fiction romances have hit the figurative ebook shelves, with everything from space pirates to a tale strongly reminiscent (to me) of both “Aliens” and “Jurassic Park.” Shall we start there? The Colony by Laurel Richards, which I read in one sitting, does a terrific job of amping up the questions and the […]

Science Fiction Romance Readers Pick Memorable Books of 2016

I thought it would be fun to let science fiction romance readers ‘write’ this column for me, and pick some of their most memorable SFR books of 2016. I posed the question in two places – the SciFi Romance Group on Facebook, which is primarily for readers to discuss books, and the SFR Brigade on […]

October’s New Science Fiction Romances

Time to talk about a few of the many new releases in science fiction romance in the past month. Anna Hackett is off and running with a new series about Galactic Gladiators, which should be another hit for her. The first book was entitled Gladiator and yours truly read it in one sitting. The next […]