New Book Teaser

We’re starting to tease clues about our newest book!

The Experimenter Publishing Company will soon be announcing the release of a new anthology in its Amazing Selects line of works.

The anthology will contain 13 Science Fiction stories of historical significance.

This anthology will be a unique offering; no previous anthology has gathered these specific materials together, nor presented this particular theme ever before.

Hyperbolic claims, for sure, but entirely accurate nonetheless.

HOWEVER (you knew there was a catch, right?)

ONLY Patreon supporters will be able to find out what it is and when it will be available (including an early cover reveal, an early content reveal and an early reveal of the contributors other than the fiction authors.

If you want to know ahead of time – if you want to be able to purchase this anthology of historical import, you need to sign up and support us through Patreon.

Doing so will be its own reward, as we will be offering all Patreon supporters (regardless of Tier), early access at a special discounted price.

That’s right, Fen, not only do our Patreon supporters get early notification, they get reduced prices too!

 *     *     *     *

Yes, we’re being a bit coy and outlandish here by way of generating some promotional excitement, but the truth is, all of the stories in this anthology are of actual historical significance, and we’re very excited to be able to bring this collection to you with additional explanatory and introductory materials:  Amazing Selects are essentially mini-magazines devoted to a single subject and accompanied by introductory, explanatory, analytical, and biographical commentary.

The subject for this anthology is the establishment of one of the fundamental and foundational activities of Fandom.  And we can’t say much else without giving too much away.

So please us two favors:  Show your support by signing up with our Patreon and then visit our store and check out our other titles!

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