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‘One among millions’: DNA is not the only genetic molecule

New research suggests that there could be millions of DNA-like structures supporting life.

Insects on Mars? Ohio scientist claims NASA images show life on...

I think they live next to the Face on Mars, but, your mileage may vary. (We're desperate to find evidence of life there, but that's no excuse for "woo-woo")

Scientists create precursor to life in thermal vent experiment

Experiment supports the idea that precursors of life formed around hydrothermal vents

How to spot a conman: Tim Harford discusses his new podcast.

Not strictly genre, but good advice nonetheless

The world now has an Ebola vaccine, in historic EU approval

This is an important breakthrough in World Health

Understanding how ancient electrons began life on earth

"Our goal," says Poudel, "is to take early evolving enzymes and see how they could evolve into something more complex that we know exists today. That will help us determine how we could have evolved here on Earth, and what is possible on other planets."

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want to prove aliens exist? Do this.

"I want to believe, but there's a problem. Facts."

The future of the mind: Exploring machine consciousness

This book assumes that humans themselves are "conscious". Recent events might suggest otherwise.

WATCH: Dinosaurs traveled other parts of Milky Way than humans

Dinosaurs visited different parts of the Milkyway Galaxy than humans have

Puppy Stella knows 29 human words and how to use them

Stella has learned to use large buttons programmed with recordings of single words to string sentences together

Scientists are producing deadly zoonoses on this tiny German island

Zoonoses - no, not a display of nostrils from across the animal kingdom, they're deadly diseases that can spread from animals to humans.

One shot for life: New research brings us closer to universal...

Researchers recently discovered an antibody found in an infected patient's blood that prevents the virus from replicating, even across multiple strains.

Top 4 candidates in our solar system for terraforming

Can we terraform another planet in the solar system? If so - which one?

After 42 years in space, Voyager 2 breaks thru the heliosphere

This is not breaking news - after all, Voyager 1 passed out of the solar system a couple of years ago - but it is still VERY, VERY cool. The Human race has now launched TWO messengers into the interstellar void.

NASA’s curiosity rover finds remnants of a lost oasis on Mars

Curiosity is digging through Mar's past in search of environments that could have supported microscopic life.

‘Waves’ of fluid clear the brain of toxins during sleep, say...

Brain cleaning is a function of sleep. Lack of sleep my be a contributing factor to neurodegenerative diseases

Study triples number of people threatened by coastal flooding

It accelerates faster than anticipated and has greater effects than predicted. Yet we continue to ignore it

Your Netflix binge-watching makes climate change worse, say experts

We've not yet gotten people to recycle reliably...little chance we're going to keep them from binge-watching

Mini-brains may already be sentient and suffering, scientists warn

An interesting scientific ethical debate surrounds the creation and use of "mini brains"

Does alcohol change who you are?

The environment is essential in the construction of self

Thinking about death: High neural activity linked to shorter life spans

This does not bode well for high-functioning Fans

Chemicals in consumer products linked to lower IQs in children

Endocrine disrupting chemical exposure duriing the first trimester can lead to lower IQs. Have a nice weekend!

Why extreme rituals might benefit psychophysiological health

A new study suggests that painful rituals can improve health. Drop the novacaine and dentists could charge double!

The ‘kids these days’ effect: Why adults have criticized kids for...

It's easy for us to notice other people's shortcomings in areas in which we excel, and our memories of youth aren't always accurate.

Scientists extend mice lifespan 12% by tweaking telomeres

Well, human society did come up with a couple of ways to increase longevity after the Howards escaped the Earth....

New research shows how damaging not enough sleep is to your...

Poppies. All we need are fields of poppies....

Are solar-powered airships the future of cargo delivery?

Are airships the future of cargo delivery

Astrophysicists: gamma-ray jets exceed the speed of light

!!!gamma-ray bursts may exceed the speed of light. The superluminal jets may also be responsible for time-reversibility!!!

Heartbeats align during an Islamic ritual, new study finds

If group prayer, or walking barefoot over scalding coals, isn't really your thing, similar states can be achieved simply by snuggling with a pet you love

Breast cancer vaccine could be available in 8 years, says Mayo...

Coming soon - but some folks can't afford to wait.