Amazing Stories Launches New Patreon Effort!

New Patreon Tiers and Benefits announced

Greetings to our family, friends, fans, supporters and everyone else!

Amazing Stories is re-launching its Patreon efforts (in support of the magazine) today, March 30th.

We’re doing so today because we have been assured by many that doing so tomorrow, or April 1st, or even April 2nd might be taken by some as an April Fool’s Joke, and we don’t want to cause that kind of confusion.

So we’ve chosen to announce on March 30th, and this is that announcement.

Amazing Stories is re-launching its Patreon efforts with a new set of Tiers and new benefits for those Tiers. (Existing supporters will also be receiving a special acknowledgment for their support up till now – please contact us via Patreon for details).

Our new benefits include monthly newsletters regarding the inside happenings at Experimenter Publishing, a separate newsletter concerning our legal issues, a monthly short story reprinted from the pages of Amazing Stories, a monthly Frank R, Paul electronic wallpaper download (for PC, tablet and phone), a monthly editorial from Hugo Gernsback along with commentary from the current publisher Steve Davidson, and for higher tiers, an opportunity to appear on the website. Some Tiers are also offered an Amazing Stories lapel pin (a $15.00 value), but that benefit will not be shipped until a Member has participated for a minimum of 3 months.

There will be other benefits and possibly other tiers added as things progress.

The reason that we have chosen to launch this new effort on April 1st is because Amazing Stories was first distributed to the newsstands in April of 1926. (That’s not entirely true. Magazine cover dates used to signify, to the distributor, the month in which the issue was to be removed from the stands, to be replaced by the next issue. So the “April 1926” issue of Amazing Stories was actually delivered to the newsstands on March 15th (a Monday), and was intended to be removed on April 30th.)

April has become the accepted anniversary month, largely because explaining the above tends to detract from the celebration, and we will continue with that tradition.

This year will be the 96th year of Amazing Stories existence.

Happy Birthday Amazing Stories!

And Happy Birthday Science Fiction!

Sign up today to get your first monthly benefits a week from tomorrow on April 6th!

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