Reading the SF Encyclopedia One Random Entry At A Time: Moore, Patrick

Our friend and astronomical artist David A. Hardy was mentored and worked with Moore.

David did this cover for one of our “zeroeth” issues:

The SFE has this to say about this multi-talented individual:

Moore also wrote a brief general study of sf, Science and Fiction (1957), one of the earliest books of its kind; portions are sensible enough, but whole areas of sf are quite ignored and the critical judgements are simplistic. A more useful book, of relevance to the Pseudoscience elements in sf, is the gently sardonic Can You Speak Venusian? A Guide to the Independent Thinkers (1972; rev 1976); Countdown! or How Nigh Is the End? (1983) deals similarly with the innumerable historical predictions of an imminent End of the World. How Britain Won the Space Race (1972 chap) with Desmond Leslie is a spoof “nonfiction” account of a nineteenth-century UK space programme, embellished with contemporary engravings and couched more in terms of whimsy than of Alternate History.

Check out the book the two produced together:  Futures:  50 Years in Space:  The Challenge of the Stars

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