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Chengdu has opened a (short) window for vendor applications:
Dear members and fannish groups,
The Science Fiction Exhibition of 2023 Chengdu Worldcon will be held in Chengdu Science (Science Fiction) Museum from Oct 18th to 22nd, 2023. As one of the most important parts of a Worldcon, the exhibition is an excellent platform for global fannish groups to experience science fiction culture from various community and communicate and exchange science fiction ideas and perspectives. This year, we have set up an area of over 5,000 sqm exhibition space which composed with industries and fannish groups related to science fiction genre. You can find exhibitors featuring the content of science fiction lifestyle, arts, films, publishing, games, popular science and culture and tourism along with Fan Table, Dealer’s Room and the Future Worldcons. Now we are pleased to announce the open of application for the exhibition, however, due to the limited space and table, we have to approve the application in a manner of first come first get.

The Deadline for exhibition application is 5 pm, August 31st, 2023(Beijing Time).
For more detailed information, please refer to the2023 Chengdu Worldcon Exhibition Brochure, should you have any questions, please contact us at .

Meet the Future in Chengdu!

2023 Chengdu Worldcon Committee

The Official Magazine of the ISS is now Available

Federal District Court Rules on Copyright for AI Work (Multiple Headlines at the link): Works created solely by AI are not eligible for Copyright: Still to be decided, how much human involvement is required to qualify?

Female Athletic Teams Ditching White Shorts

Magnetars – Weird Stars with Enormous Magnetic Fields

See the additional announcement from Chengdu Worldcon at the end of this piece

Women don’t just get erased from SF History, they get erased from History’s history

Author’s AI Copyfight Gets National Attention

WEBB Discovers the Galaxy is Punctuated

Some Brad Foster Convention Art

Easton & Wu’s ESPionage now Ranked #2!

“Snoopy” May Have Been Found!

MD Jackson unveils a Sword & Sorcery Anthology

An article suggesting that a Disney sale to Apple Might Happen 

Contemporary Horror Films Aren’t Gory Enough (said people who think John Carpenter’s remake is better than the original)

Oh My!  Who Would ever think that Disney might not pay everything it ought to?

Jewish Futures is getting a live event!

ChatGPT Tests Out as MORE Creative than Top 1% of College Students (Take that recent Copyright Ruling!)

Head Librarian in Wyoming FIRED for Librarying

2025 Worldcon Site Selection Announced

Hugo Voter’s Packet Now Available (in limited quantities and varying distributions) (Regina Kanyu Wang is a nominee (Yay!) and not responsible for the inability to download nor the content of the packaging)

Babylon 5 The Animated Series Trailer

More IP Law Discussion Centered on AI

An Archive of Readable Dime Novels

Speaking of Fandom being a gaggle of people getting together to center their interest in a single property, here’s a decidedly single-property Fandom:  The Eagle Transporter from Space:1999 gets a documentary

The latest news and events from Signum U

From an Email
60-Day Countdown to 2023 Chengdu Worldcon
Latest Information Released from “No.1 Hugo Starship”
[Chengdu, CHINA]What is the mascot of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon? What benefits are prepared for sci-fi fans all over the world? With 60 days to go until the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon, a video with sci-fi vibes is released today. Members of the Committee of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon aboard the “No.1 Hugo Starship”announce the latest progress of the convention.

In the video, the mascot of the convention, the specially-invited IP partner, the “Three-Body Universe”, and the specially planned talk show, “Discover X Interview”, are officially launched.
“As the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon is approaching, we will also release more information through official channels in the form of the ‘Hugo Starship Release’ and progress reports,” according to the administrator of the Committee of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon.

2023 Chengdu Worldcon mascot awaits you to name it
The mascot of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon is an imaginative and futuristic giant panda. This video presents the first projection of the giant panda in three-dimensional space.With a streamlined style and delicate metallic texture, the “Voyager” mecha on the giant panda pays tribute to the spaceship from the classic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The designs of the “Stellar Energy” and “Sunbeam Neurotransmitter” are derived from the venue of the Chengdu Worldcon and the sun bird totem at Jinsha ruins, respectively. The “Sliver Leaf Vascular Technology Knob” on its head, inspired by the ginkgo leaf, is the core controller of the mecha. The “Staff of Creation” held by the giant panda KORMO is inspired by the golden staff artifact and bamboo from the Sanxingdui Museum. The “Stellar Messenger” on the top of the staff is derived from the bronze bird from Sanxingdui.

It is reported that the tentative name of the giant panda is KORMO. At the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon, a series of KORMO derivatives will be launched, including toys, dolls, bags, stationery, etc. Next, the Committee will collect ideas from sci-fi fans through the official social media to decide on the final name for the mascot.

Experience the Three-Body World at the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon
The Three-Body Problem trilogy is a flagship work of Chinese science fiction literature. In 2015, the first installment of The Three-Body Problem (English version) won the Hugo Award for the Best Novel, representing the global recognition for Chinese science fiction literature. In 2018, the Three-Body Universe (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., LTD was established, officially starting the systematic development and operation of the Three-Body IP.

With the promotion of the Three-Body Universe, the Three-Body is coming into our life in various fresh forms, such as derivative TV series, animations, variety shows, radio dramas, PC games, VR, and immersive exhibitions. The content products developed by the Three-Body Universe cover film, television, music, pan-culture, interactive entertainment, location-based entertainment, etc. The Three-Body Problem has gone from a novel to an inter-generational cultural symbol with global influence.

The 2023 Chengdu Worldcon has specially invited the Three-Body Universe, the exclusive global copyright holder of the content development and commercial derivative of the Three-Body Problem trilogy, as the “2023 Chengdu World Science Fiction Special IP Partner”.
With the support of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon, the Three-Body Universe plans to hold content-rich theme programs and present a large “Waterdrop” themed art installation at the convention site. The design of the installation blends the concepts of Waterdrop, the Dark Forest Theory, and the Museum of Earth Civilization, combining the amazing imagination and profound philosophy of the Three-Body Problem. An exciting Three-Body World is waiting to be explored by sci-fi fans.

Visit the sci-fi hitters with the talk show “Discover X Interview”
To visit the spiritual homes of sci-fi hitters from China and abroad experience and inherit more than 80 years’ heritage of the World  Science Fiction Convention culture, the talk show “Discover X Interview” is officially launched today. The series is available on the official website and social media platforms of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon, and the Bilibili website.

In the first episode, Ben Yalow, co-chair of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon, Dave McCarty, administrator of the Hugo Awards, and Helen Montgomery, chair of the 2022 Chicon 8, will be invited to talk about the Hugo Awards and World Science Fiction Convention from the experts’ point of view.
Next, the “Discover X Interview” will invite honorary guests of the convention, newly nominated Hugo Award finalists, renowned sci-fi film and TV directors, and sci-fi game producers. In the program, you will see “Sci-Fi Veterans” such as Tan Kai, Dong Renwei, He Xi, and Yin Guang, and new sci-fi stars chatting about science fiction. More guests will participate in the program, stay tuned.

The “Three Major Incentive Plans” for the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon and more ticket purchasing channels are unveiled
During the preparation period, the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon has prepared a series of exclusive benefits for sci-fi fans worldwide. The first batch includes the “The Stars and the Sea” co-creation proposal, the “One Hundredth Light-second” plan, and the “Galaxy Echoes” promotional plan.

“The Stars and the Sea” co-creation proposal encourages sci-fi fans to actively co-create for the Worldcon by registering with panels, parties, and fantables, showing science fiction inspiration and sharing thoughts and viewpoints at the convention. Eligible sci-fi fans will receive walk-in reservation channel for the Worldcon opening ceremony and Hugo Awards ceremony, mascot derivative gifts, and the chance to compile the creations into the Worldcon publications.
For sci-fi fans who come to Chengdu from more than 3,000 kilometers away, the Committee of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon has launched the “One Hundredth Light-second” plan. These fans will enjoy travel assistance, free shuttle bus service , Star-cloud gift package, walk-in reservation channel for the Worldcon opening ceremony and the Hugo Awards ceremony, three online admissions for families and friends, and limited edition digital figure of the Worldcon, etc.
For sci-fi fans with a considerable number of followers, the Committee has created the “Galaxy Echoes” promotional plan. These fans are welcome to spread the voice of the convention through videos, music, texts, and images. The Committee will review the content, form, mode, and effectiveness of the submissions to provide benefits such as walk-in reservation channel for the Worldcon opening ceremony and the Hugo Awards ceremony and one online admission.

In addition to the official website channel, major platforms have also opened sales channels for physical admissions. Sci-fi fans can purchase various types of admissions on platforms such as Damai APP, Taopiaopiao, Tmall Damai official flagship store, and Damai WeChat Mini Program.

In Pidu District of Chengdu, where the convention will be held, the local government will soon release a series of science fiction-related plans that will benefit sci-fi practitioners worldwide.

All the relevant information can be found on the official channels of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon.

(Note that no direct links were included in the email communication.)

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