Amazing News, Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Those who think that re-booting the original Star Trek was a good idea will probably think that the latest Star Trek Into Darkness promo is also a good idea:  a bunch of drones carrying light wands were flown over London last night, eventually coming together to form the Enterprise’s insignia (you new kids did know that it’s not a Star Fleet symbol, right?  It’s only the insignia for the Enterprise – each of the other ships have their own shape.  See – this is what happens when you start replacing “ie”s with “er”s.)

If you watch carefully, you can see one drone falling out of formation early on and later, you can see where it was supposed to be in the formation. You might also want to turn out your lights before watching, the drone lights are pretty faint. Hey – at least there’s no lens flare!  And yes, as a purely geek move, this is pretty awesome.

Via SF Signal, Staffer’s Book Review offers up a fantasy convention from a fantasy mind – author Sam Sykes.  It’s a truly hilarious read (especially of you know conventions).  And it gave me an idea for a geek con almost guaranteed to out-sell SDCC:  RejectionCon.  The convention for anyone who’s ever received a rejection notice.  Guests of Honor – a host of unpublished authors you’ve never heard of.  Original rejection slips on auction.  Panels – one editor after another saying “No, no, no, no, no…”  Bring your manuscripts, there’ll be a bonfire for the closing ceremonies.

PKD_DO_ANDROIDSAlso from the aforementioned source of all news for Trufen (if that’s too obcure:  also from SF Signal):  A Philip K. Dick letter expounding on the impact of the film Blade Runner (based on Dick’s novel Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep).  I found this line particularly intriguing:

“In all candor I must say that our field (science fiction) has gradually and steadily been deteriorating for the last few years.” (PKD, 1981)

Hmmm.  Read that line in context here.

From File 770 (the other source of all news for truly Trufen):  If you’ve been missing the Baen Free Library, have we got an offer for you!  The Baen Free Podcast.  First up – David Weber.

billSpeaking of true sources – isn’t about getting time for a new Ansible?

An article about Orphaned Works is up on the SFWA page.  Interesting reading for anyone with copyrights.

SFScope reports that Harry Harrison’s send-up of military SF – Bill, The Galactic Hero – is trying to raise production funds through a Kickstarter campaign.  Watch out of Chingers and don’t Bowb yer Buddy!



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