The Big Idea: Jason Fischer

When a story reaches the end, the lives of the characters in it often don’t… so what then? Jason Fischer had to tackle this question for The Jawbone & The Junkman. In this Big Idea, Fischer unveils a few conclusions.


When the big bad falls, what happens next? Do the Ewoks caper about singing yub-nub while Luke and Han have an awkward conversation? Do weary warriors settle into a utopia, swords hung above mantles forever more, free to move from grimdark woes into a kinder and gentler age?

If you’re in one of my novels, hell no.

Furthermore, what happens when these books are connected to a table-top roleplaying game in the same setting? Does the experience of reading these books and then playing as a character in this world make it kick-arse?

According to my play-testers and early readers, hell yes.

In The Jawbone & The Junkman, I pick things up fifteen years after the events of Papa Lucy & The Boneman. Lanyard Everett should have died in the Waking City. He should have gone down in a glorious shoot-out with a god. He was meant to fight, and die, and he accepted this fate.

But he was saved. The big bad fell, and this doomed hero simply had to keep on going. As in life, there’s no cinematic ending, simply the slower grind of time, of responsibility and looming obsolescence…

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Source: The Big Idea: Jason Fischer

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