Support Ukraine this Holiday (Winter) Season

Right now in Kyiv, Ukraine, the weather forecast looks like this:

Forecast courtesy of No one wants to spend days wrapped in blankets, let alone months.

As regular news coverage has reported, Putin’s Russian forces have been targeting CIVILIAN INFRASTRUCTURE, notably power generating and distribution facilities and water facilities.  The Russian leader apparently believes that making Ukrainian civilians (women, children, infants, school kids, grandma and grandpa) uncomfortable during the winter months will somehow diminish their resolve.

Results so far clearly indicate that this is another miscalculation on the Russian “Leader’s” part.  (Why he’s not already been taken to the woodshed by his own people remains a mystery.)

And it’s not as if the Ukrainian people themselves aren’t taking matters into their own hands:

Mindful of the hardships — both now and ahead, as winter progresses — authorities are opening thousands of so-called “points of invincibility” — heated and powered spaces offering hot meals, electricity and internet connections. More than 3,700 were open across the country of Thursday morning, said a senior official in the presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

Regardless, Ukrainians are in need of some support to make their lives a little more safe and normal during the coming winter months.

In order to assist you in assisting Ukrainians, here are several curated lists of reliable and targeted charitable organizations:

From CNBC, a list of Top Rated Charities

Ukraine Relief and Recovery, from

and from KXAN, Charities Supporting Ukraine Vetted by the BBB

Additionally, our Ukrainian Fannish Friend, Borys Sydiuk will be providing his own recommendations and suggestions when power has been restored to his location.

There is a lot of overlap between these lists, everyone ought to be able to find an organization that is providing the kind of support that they endorse.

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