AMAZING NEWS: 10/23/22

Steven H Silver commemorates Astronaut  Jim McDivitt 1928 – 2022

From the Totally Mundane Department:  Info for Authors – What Doctors Pack for Vacations

Ray Cuthbert brings us a video with Forest Ackerman, his father Chester Cuthbert and David Blair

Ralphie Returns!  

Uncle Hugos is back and scheduling events!

Doug Ellis continues his series on the Things to Come newsletter art on Black Gate Magazine

How Mundanes See Halloween

JWST Delivers!  New Pillars of Creation Image

First Native American Woman in Spaaaaaace!

New NASA Data Dump – thousands of images!

The Jewish Futures Kickstarter has exceeded goals and they are now working on fulfilling rewards!

China’s government now targeting Fandom(s) and Xi reaffirmed as Party Leader

Mini Editorial:  The Chinese Dictator, Xi Jinping, recently tightened his grip on the Chinese Communist Party; in a show of force, the party’s 2nd, Premier Li Keqiang, was publicly removed.  Additionally, government policy is putting increasing pressure on “Fandoms” to reflect party values and “influencers” and fans are engaging in ever more increasing levels of self-censorship, because it is unclear what is and what is not in line with party thought. has a lot of (clearly labeled) reproduction dust jackets for hundreds of famous SF titles.  It can also serve as an inexpensive source for some iconic science fiction wall art (frame the dust jacket).

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