Classic Science Fiction Channel: Tales of Tomorrow – The Children’s Room

Based on a short story by Raymond F. Jones that originally appeared in the September, 1947 issue of Fantastic Adventures magazine, The Children’s Room is somewhat similar to the (probably more) familiar Mimsy Were the Borogoves by Lewis Padgett (Moore & Kuttner), which had appeared a few years earlier (Feb. 1943 – Astounding Science Fiction) and Odd John (Stapledon’s 1935 novel), concerning itself with the generational divide and alternative ways of modeling the universe.

Jones is probably best remembered for a film based on his 1952 fix-up novel, This Island Earth, which was put together from three stories that had previously been published in Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine – The Alien Machine, June 1949;  The Shroud of Secrecy, December 1949; and The Greater Conflict, February 1950, in which we are introduced to the Interocitor, a communications device almost as famous as the Ansible (Le Guin) and certainly more well known than its creator.

This Island Earth was popular when originally released, was a profitable release and was well-received by critics of the day who noted its special effects and well-written script.

Despite its positive reception and excellent special effects, the film was overshadowed by the release of Forbidden Planet less than a year later.

However, we’re supposed to be talking about another Jones effort that went to script, The Children’s Room, as presented by Tales of Tomorrow.

Give this a watch and – especially parents of school-aged kids – tell me that it doesn’t bother you just a little bit.

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