An OED for Science Fiction (see if your favorite authors are cited)

500 Mile Long Lightning Bolt Recorded From Space

The Dark Side of the Moon (Mike Walsh)

February’s Ansible (David Langford) (Ansible direct link)

Latest Environmental Mitigation Technology – Crows

A Wave of Bomb Threats Hits HBCs during Black History Month

The Man Who Fell To Earth remake trailer

Take a New Look at our Galaxy

Trans Youth Banned From Sports in South Dakota

Worlds Largest SJW Credential?

Post-Apocalyptic Film Festival (Ask Albert if you can have some popcorn)

Art Spiegelman continues to resist film/tv offers (Maus)

HALO movie Trailer

After Yang movie trailer

Abbott & Costello Go To Mars (Ron Miller)

Short Story Tribute to Jackson (Todd Mason)

Maslow Read Science Fiction (Roger Christenson)

Buck Rogers Original Serial

ISS Deorbiting Plans

Winter Olympics begins amid boycotts and protests (no one should have attended at all)

Human Rights Report – China (Olympics are a cover-up;  Worldcon will be too

New Releases:  Touched By The Gods – Lawrence Watt Evans

Hugo Award Nomination Suggestions – “I’m Your Man” (Unofficial Hugo Book Club)

RIP Frank Denton (Gary Farber)

New Releases:  Hellflower – Rosemary Eluki Edghill

Locus Recommended Reading List

Humor from Known Space (Jay Manifold)

What’s Behind China’s Selection of a Uyghur Torch Bearer (Not a good one)

Is THIS what happens when an actor doesn’t get to play a super hero?\

50th Anniversary of Last Man to Walk on the Moon is coming up (Michael Swanwick)

James Gun Tweets this short video of all of Peacemaker’s targets for framing

Sometimes, technology reveals things we don’t want to see:  A Laser Vacuum 

Don’t Look Up:  Outtakes of Meryl Streep Improv

NYPL’s Advice on finding a book you don’t remember the title or the author of

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