Cover Reveal: Afterglow by Tim Jordan

Last February we took a look at Tim Jordan’s Debut cyberpunk thriller, Glow, where a nanotech virus infects people in a post-apocalypse world and an android made of smart matter strives to become human. That was exciting stuff. You know what else is exciting? We’re able to announce the cover and publishing date for the second book, Afterglow, scheduled for May 24, 2022.

Cover design by Tom Shone (Oops, I’d originally credited Glen Wilkins) is a great job. Does anyone else think that guy is channeling a little bit of Marvel’s Venom? We’re looking forward to Afterglow, where a nanotech plague sweeps the world sending victims into false realities. And we thought we had trouble.

From the publisher:

Afterglow by Tim Jordan
24th May 2022 | PB | 9780857669872 | 400pp | £9.99/$14.99

Tim Jordan returns with the hotly-anticipated sequel to his mind-bending 2021 debut, Glow

High-concept science fiction on a grand scale, that explores nanotechnology, addiction, and mental health against a richly detailed cyberpunk-meets-space opera setting. Perfect for fans of Frank Herbert, Dan Simmons, Neal Stephenson & Richard Morgan

Six months after the events of Glow, a nanotech plague sweeps the Earth, subverting its victims’ senses and feeding them false realities, slowly taking control of individuals, corporations, and whole societies as it stretches across the globe. Between the plague and the reforming of the pre-Nova-Insanity internet, humanity is communicating again, but the renewal of those connections allows an old danger to resurface: a supernova device so large and powerful, it could annihilate the entire planet.

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