AMAZING NEWS: Happy Halloween Edition: 10/31/21

Happy Halloween to all who enjoy the holiday.  Here are some old-timey cartoons to start you off on a spooky day:

Important:  Deadline for Worldcon New Business is 11/19/21.

Pat Mills offers up an historical autobiography in “Kiss My Axe!”, the story of his involvement with the Celtic hero Slaine, which he wrote for AD 2000.  I’ve read the intro and its fascinating… offers up a close reading of the Dune Appendix

A. K. Frailey offers up this take on science fiction

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Perform a Cover of ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky (play this while watching the opening credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

Bob isn’t liking Foundation so much anymore.  I’d say “I told you so…”, but just about everyone has already said “I told you so…”  (Mini-Editorial:  On the basis of this and several other shows previously aired on the tech giants’ so-called “streaming” channel (using that phrase in this context invokes images of micturition), is it safe to say that Apple just doesn’t get Science Fiction?  That rather than operating their own service they should simply make a deal with the SyFy channel?  Or is that a tad too harsh?”)

Saturn Awards Awarded.  Interestingly and in support of the previous editorial suggestion, Apple’s streaming show “For All Mankind” was awarded the “Best Fantasy TV Series” award.

Buzz Lightyear Trailer.  This looks WAY COOL!

I have it on good authority that Wil nails it in this piece on how to separate the art from problematic artists

Bruce is Back in this trailer for the new release “Black Friday”

Life processes filmed for the first time (no, that’s not a tortured euphemism for porn)

Dick Heads Podcast features Judith Merrill

Help identify some Fans in these fan-historical photos

Satanists win yet another court battle over freedom of (or from) religion

Did you know that there is a difference between a Graveyard and a Cemetery?  One is a unit of measure and the other is construction material….

Fan Animation series – Tie Fighter.  Pretty darned good (even if there is already far too much Star Wars ummm “stuff” these days)

New Dictionary Words Announced

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