Apple TV Roll Out Date Announced, New Shows Added to Lineup, Spielberg’s Amazing Stories Not Mentioned

Waiting for the Amazing Stories TV show? Keep waiting….

Why We Care:

AppleTV+ purchased the production rights for The Steven Spielberg Amazing Stories television show re-make from NBC/Universal Television, whom most readers know licensed the right(s) to use the name Amazing Stories from us, the Experimenter Publishing Company LLC, successor to the original Amazing Stories magazine legacy.

(NBC/Universal Television & Steven Spielberg licensed the name Amazing Stories from TSR, Inc, publishers of the magazine during the 80s and 90s.)

What’s the Latest?

AppleTV Plus will launch November 1st, 2019

It will cost $5.00 per month.

If you purchase a new Apple device (Ipad, Iphone, etc) will get a full year of the service at no charge bundled with their device.

Everyone else will receive a Free 7 day trial access.

There are currently 9 show planned, though exact details of what shows and how they will be aired are still a mystery.  Five additional shows will be added shortly after the roll out.

CNET’s coverage suggests that most of the shows will originally air with a handful of episodes immediately available, and will then add weekly installments.  Some shows may be available as a bundle that can be binge-watched, others, no one seems to know.


The following “shows” have been mentioned and/or listed as “confirmed” for the November 1st release:

An Oprah Winfrey Show
Helpsters – Sesame Street related
Ghost Writer – a kid’s show
Snoopy in Space – an animated show
The Elephant Queen – a movie
See – a film starring Jason Mamoa
The Morning Show – a drama about a morning show
Dickinson – a comdey series
For All Mankind – a space race alternate history

The five shows to be added are slated to be:

Servant, a thriller from M. Night Shyamalan
Truth Be Told, a mystery drama
Little America, from Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon
The Banker, a true-story movie with Samuel L. Jackson
Hala, a movie picked up at Sundance

and – status unknown for –

Amazing Stories, the Spielberg property that is a re-take on his 80’s series
Mythic Quest, a comedy series
Central Park, a cartoon musical

Nothing is known about other properties such as

Wolfwalkers, an animated series, picked up at Sundance
On the Rocks, a Bill Murray film

Wherefore art thou, Amazing Stories?  Upon yon screen nothing breaks…

We’ll keep you up to date.  Meanwhile, CNet isw providing regular coverage of the AppleTV Plus developments.

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