AMAZING NEWS: 10/10/21

Time for Adventure – Blast Off with the new audio play from Magnesium Films CELERITAS, chronicling the first accidental mission to explore inside a black hole!
MINI-REVIEW:  Having grown up on radio plays like The Shadow, The Lone Ranger and, more specific to science fiction X Minus 1 and Dimension X (both of which featured radio plays adapted from stories publishing in Astounding Stories during the Campbell era) I have a particular affinity for such fare, one that exceeds my interest in pure audio books, finding the former to really pique my imagination.  I was a bit wary of Celeritas as the premise sounded a bit weak, but I was soon disabused of that impression.  The acting is professional  quality, as are the production, including background sound effects and the story telling is first rate, taking a trope (worm holes and accidents in space) and steadily building the tension until you simply can not wait to find out what happens next.  Following is their press release with air dates and other information:

Presented by Magnesium FIlm
The age of the first run narrative podcast is here. For years podcasts were primarily nonfiction, a boundless universe of interviews, opinions, research, and news. But in a revival of the radio drama, escape is once again on the dial.
In a galactic leap of dizzying world-building and arresting action, CELERITAS has arrived to plant a flag squarely in “blockbuster” territory. Not Blockbuster the fabled rental relic, but rather the perpetually sold-out smash hits on that store’s First Run shelves. CELERITAS is an untethered sci-fi action mystery complete with artificial black holes, asteroid fields, the disappearance of mankind, and the visceral horror of being entombed in deep space.
CELERITAS is, at the surface, about the first manned light-speed flight gone horribly wrong— it is also a meditation on loneliness. The astronaut, Captain Owen Keating (Alexander Adell), is hurled into an artificial black hole at the behest of his megalomaniacal employer (Erika Alperin), and when he regains consciousness, he is further from Earth than any person or satellite has ever been. He is hundreds, if not thousands, of years in the future. Deeply hopeless, there’s a purity in the absolute isolation; the schedule-1-narcotic version of a feeling we’ve all become too familiar with, trapped in our homes, masks strapped to our faces, fading memories of the society we grew up in.

This ambiance is not lost in the audio production, which soaks in hypnotizing ambient soundscapes. Just before the crashing alarms, exploding fuel tanks, or face-melting spacetime assault becomes too much, it stops. And haunting tones swell. And that’s all there is for a while. Floating alone, like a sensory deprivation tank, an airlock, or quarantine.
CELERITAS Episode 1 will be released on October 13th, but this is not a season drop. The team at Magnesium Film is actively producing and releasing episodes as they are completed. CELERITAS will be available for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
Tara Larson
Media Coordinator at Magnesium Film

And now, the news!

Captain Kirk, or TJ Hooker, or that nervous airline passenger from the Twilight Zone, depending upon who gets more PR, will be traveling to space this coming Tuesday, October 12th, aboard a Blue Origins suborbital flight.  The actor, William Shatner, will be the oldest person to go to space at age 90 (Kirk is 90!?!  Well, they DID say that Star Fleet had an excellent health care plan!).   You can follow this adventure here

So many fans drink coffee (or tea, seems binary) that we thought a good percentage of our readers would be interested in this.

New Releases: “The Dark Side of G.K. Chesterton: Gargoyles and Grotesques” (McFarland) is the latest in a series of four books on horror and fantasy writers published in the past decade by the prolific author and former University of Kansas Professor of Film & Media Studies John Tibbetts.  For more information

This might be more dangerous than Lawn Darts:  NASA DARTs.

Now we know where moisture farms come from

The SF Encyclopedia has a new home

View the stars from the surface of Mars!

Your book may not be released when it was supposed to be – or – you may not be able to buy the book you wanted to get for that Holiday gift:  Publishing experiences numerous supply chain disruptions

Elizabethan and Aztec Cultural intersection

Shatner interview turns filthy

Shatner will probably feel cramped in the Blue Origin’s capsule if this digital tour of Star Fleet’s NCC-1701 ship is anything to go by

Switching over momentarily to real things in space:  how about those orbiting twin asteroids!?

Cosplay from Comiccon

Battle over Nichelle Nichols still on-going

Predicting the future of Democracy

Dr. Who season begins on October 31st




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