AMAZING NEWS: 12/27/20

SPECIAL NOTE:  Today at 4 Pm EST (1 PM PCT), Experimenter Publishing will host an online book launch party for NO POLICE = NO FUTURE, the James Beamon edited collection of stories that address policing and justice in the future.  Numerous contributing authors will be on the panel discussing policing, their stories, the anthology’s remit, publishing and science fiction in general.  Open to the Public.  Meeting link here.

Day of the 32,000 Year Old Triffid:  Scientists grow plant from ancient seeds

David Hardy’s depiction of Neptune

Did early humans hibernate?  Maybe.

How to hack Amazon’s algorithm

Someday, in the far, far future, you will be able to read the morning paper on your television set

How a handful of SF authors helped to shape socialism

Ravens are at least as smart as chimps (I think a chimera combining the two is how we got flying monkeys)

Michael Swanwick wins the Aelita Award for lifetime contributions to Russian SF

A study finds that most young Americans are affiliated with the religion of “None”

A “Bookflood” for Yule

Animation of the Perseverance rover landing on Mars

Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just a Canadian spy?

Buck Rogers is coming back to the big screen.  And the little screen.  And who knows where else?  (Buck first saw fame as Anthony Rogers in the pages of Amazing Stories when Philip Francis Nowlan’s Armageddon: 2419 A.D. was published in the August 1928 issue, and The Airlords of Han in the March 1929 issue.)

Sustained Long Distance Quantum Teleportation Achieved.  Entanglement.  Maybe you’ll understand it a little better than we do.

Great Christmas Tree Ornament

New things we learned about dinosaurs in 2020

Lattice Confinement Fusion – a new space drive

David Brin got the rights back for his Uplift novels and he has been furiously editing

Butlers Four Rules for predicting the future.  (But wait, that’s not what SF does…)

Cool photo of the ISS passing between Jupiter and Saturn during the Great Conjunction

SPECIAL #DISNEYMUSTPAY Update:  More authors

HAM (Amateur) Radio Operators help school kids talk to astronauts on the ISS (interesting historical connection:  Gernsback helped establish amateur radio.) More

Scotty (James Doohan) ashes smuggled aboard the ISS.  And make sure to check out Steven Silver’s chronicle of the first real space smugglers later today!

Proxima Centauri b calling!

A list of SF stories with “good” astronomy and physics practices.

Damien Walters asks: Is Star Wars Addition or Recovery in his latest podcast

Paul Levinson discusses inspiration

Two spaces after a period IS better!

A reminder:  Superheroes came out of the minds of Science Fiction Fans

This is probably the BEST image ever of a true Star Fleet Commander

Snowshoe Art.  Yes, it’s a thing and it is marvelous!

Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar Unveiled


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