AMAZING NEWS: 8/2/2020 Post CoNZealand Edition

Multiple apologies for different things; free reads, multi-award winning works, Moon video, images from space, 2020 Hugo Awards, more

Special Note:  New AmazingCon 2020 Videos of Readings and Panels now posted to Amazing Stories TV

John Saxon, Veteran SF B Movie King, Dead at 83

On the way – Three Mars Missions heading for Mars (US Mission may be in trouble)

Mission Planned to Explore the “Green Banana“, a huge sinkhole off Florida’s Coast

Looking For – Help Doug Ellis out by locating copies of the SFBC’s newsletter Things to Come

“Fluffy” a Boston Dynamics ‘dog bot’ is now working at a Ford Factory

Here’s the anti-Jeddah Worldcon Bid Letter.  (and here’s an anti-Chengdu China Bid editorial)

Ellen Datlow, Editorial Grand Master, shows off her Locus Award.  (Next, she’ll be showing off her Hugo)

GPT-3.  Is this the AI that replaces authors?

ISS Images of the Earth

Authors are pulling their submissions from an anthology because the editor snuck a politicized forward past them

How Big is the Moon compared to other Moons?  This video will show you in a breath-taking sequence.

Interesting review of the film 2010:  The Year We Make Contact, 2001’s sequel/re-make

Space Commander apologizes to SFWA

Quinn takes a look at the Foundation series, with a major aside discussing “wokeness” in science fiction

Tropes called out at Comic Con

Worldcon Chairs apologize for Hugo Ceremony Issues

Okorafor’s Graphic Story wins Eisner AND Hugo Awards

Douglas Smith offers up some free reads

The 2020 Hugo Award Winners

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