Anime roundup 6/11/2020: It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Listeners #10 – Echo washes up in the middle of nowhere, only to eventually discover that it is the middle of everywhere. Back in Londinium, Mu’s new personality turns out to be more than anyone can handle.

It turns out that the being Jimi lured through the gate was none other than the ruler of all the Earless. (For those puzzled by the English subtitles calling Mu the “king” of the Earless, the Japanese word ō is frequently translated as “king” since it’s usually applied to men, but the word itself just means “ruler”, ungendered, and there’s no reason it couldn’t have been translated as “queen” here, unless the translator has been told that Mu’s alternate personality should be considered to be male.) Jimi presumably returned to the Earless Dimension, and his soul passed into the new visitor, becoming Mu. Tommy’s drug then suppressed Mu’s personality and let the queen take over, similar to how it may have been responsible for Jimi reconnecting with his roots.

Echo, meanwhile, has accidentally found his way to the mysterious source of all Players. It summons up memories to keep him company and tell him what he needs to know. Then, when he’s ready, it turns him into a Player in his own right. Now he can face Mu, or whatever she’s become, as an equal. The question is, what does the Source want him to do? Simply defeating her and sending her back to her home dimension seems like the wrong answer here.


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #10 – Catarina is saved from judgement by her friends, who are willing to testify both to her good character and her absolute stupidity. Which she then goes on to prove by deciding she’s home free, dropping her guard, and missing her chance to save Maria.

It’s awfully convenient that she managed to totally forget the warning about the other antagonist and how to recognize him, but since dark magic is said to be able to suppress memories, we can assume this was the work of Sirius’s “don’t notice me” spells.

So yes, it was all a set-up, yes, it’s the work of that character who had no reason to be in the story except for a last-minute twist like this, but Catarina has been so thoroughly established to be a fool that we can’t call this an arbitrary moment of idiot plotting.

(CrunchyrollADNAnimax Asiabilibili)

Tower of God #10 – Even a simple test results announcement gets complicated fast. Not only has Rachel lost the use of her legs, this disqualifies her from climbing the tower any further, and marks the end of her dream to see the stars. And all because Bam’s obsession with her marked her out as a target for Hoh. Clearly, an apology is in order.

…but no, this is not the sort of show where the hero has to realize he’s been doing anything wrong. This is a story about the stalker’s fantasy: that if he just follows the object of his affections around for long enough, professes his undying allegiance enough, sneaks into her room to stare at her while she’s injured and unconscious enough times, eventually she will beg his forgiveness for having ever had interests other than him.

Appealing to the floor’s administrator for a change in the rules is the least Bam can do. At least this way he can use his plot armor to help Rachel.

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