Amazing Stories TV (not the Apple One)

We’ve established a Youtube Channel to host the recordings from the AmazingCon 2020 readings, panels and performances.

Additional videos have been added as well from previous incarnations and video presentations associated with the website.  These include:

video of the Jeff Vandermeer book tour for his novel Finch (also includes readings from authors Andrew Tremblay and Anthony Michael Durham);

video of John Scalzi’s Lock In book tour;

Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother book tour;

A couple of episodes of Electro Pulp Video Magazine (discussions of pulp magazines)

and various short-take release announcements from Amazing Stories.

Playlists have been assembled to make finding specific content easier.

Several videos from AmazingCon 2020 have already been added and new material is going up at a regular pace.

We understand that there may be some confusion owing to Amazing Stories magazine, the TV channel and the Apple produced television show Amazing Stories, but we think you won’t mind because all of it is Amazing!

Check out Amazing Stories TV

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