SPECIAL NOTE:  Those with Hugo Award nominating privileges, the deadline to submit nominations is 3/13/20.

When Jupiter Aligns with Mars – would appear on this syncable calendar from the NYTimes

Steven ‘Hastings’ Silver’s debut novel – After Hastings – debuts from Ring of Fire Press.  It’s alternate (English) history

Time Tunnel’s Time Tunnel – cast then and now

Physics can Spontaneously lead to life

Ralph Milne Farley’s Radio Planet Series

Fan has been watching Trek since 1966

Comics Revue Looking to make a come back

Code inserted into DNA can be used to hack gene sequencers

and – Anonymous Gene Sequencing soon to be available

Man of Bronze to get TV Treatment

Stoker Award Finalists

AT&T will close DC if 5G Fails

Celestial Delights:  The Moon, Mars and the ISS

Clop-Clop Clop-Clop ClopClopClopClop:  Monty Python’s Horse Action Figure

Streaming Piracy Thrives on Plex

“No breet, No Breet” Tweel said.  This creature doesn’t breath either. Really.

Burgess’ Clockwork Orange had a sequel

Last and First Men get’s the video treatment

Pike Trek, the latest prequel in the Star Trek Universe

New Refocus on Joanna Russ accompanies book about the author

(See?)  Joanna Russ – Dangerous Feminist

RIP Russ Cochran

Foundation will be Ireland’s Biggest Production


28 Million Images – 2D and 3D – released by Smithsonian

Boskone 57 Releases Stan’s Kitchen by GoH Kim Stanley Robinson

Earth’s New Moon is Tiny, and Won’t Last Long

Michael Kurland Collection Free on Kindle

I have the Coronavirus.  Not so bad so far


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