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SPECIAL NOTE TO US CITIZENS:  Whatever your party affiliation, please, please, please take the time this coming Tuesday to exercise your franchise and VOTE!

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Echoing our sentiments above – Rep. John Lewis, Civil Rights Hero

Guilty of writing above her station

Driven Off Twitter

Wondering About the Pipeline Protest?  Here’s Why It’s a Protest

Empowerment:  This is how to raise a child


Screw Disney:  THIS is an amusement park!

Wonder Woman Trailer – officially AMAZING!

Navy Plans New Ship:  Kinda Looks Like Something Familiar….and More

Freeman Dyson (of Sphere fame) Wants a Green Universe (via Mike Walsh)

Finally!  (Maybe):  A New Starship Troopers may help wash the taste of Verhoeven out of our collective movie mouths….(If they don’t have powered armor in this one I’m gonna bounce on over to Hollywood and give them a few rounds from my ‘Y’ rack; anything that’s left over is gonna get a taste of my hand flamer, a dose of fire pills and a couple of thirty-second bombs….)

Leiber Does’t Fare Well When Young People Read Old SF

Arisia’s Next Guests for BDSM Programming: Penny & Leonard (“Thank you Maam!  May I please calculate another?!”)

Dr. Strange Primer

R. L. Stine penning book for Marvel


WSFS YA Award News

New Release: Everythings Better With More Cthluhu

New Release: Myrmicologists Rejoice!

Boskone 54 Souvenier Book Ad Space Available

Canopus Award (via Alex Shvartsman)

The Grimm Future now available

CoCs:  A Discussion


Unless ‘fer sure you’re gonna be around in 2034, Don’t Miss This Super Moon!

James Webb Space Telescope has a secret

They’re making spacesuits in…Brooklyn.

There’s nickel-iron in them thar (Martian) hills!

Making a Light Sail?  Here’s some tips

ISS Crew Returns Safely

Penguin Detectives Wanted





No Tricks. Always Treats.


It has been another busy week at UKBA17 HQ, where we welcomed a mix of health, fitness and sporting social media talent along to Action PR‘s offices to celebrate the launch of the new Sports and Fitness category.

The evening had an array of hero props to get all in attendance geared up for the UK Blog Awards 2017 BlogHero theme, with pop up Instagram booth and super healthy chocolate and fruity cheesecake treats – yes, you read the word ‘healthy’ correct!
As well as on the night, introducing UK Blog Awards 2017 host, social media personality, Chessie King.

In this weeks newsletter, we introduce more of our industry judges, insight interviews with previous UK Blog Award winners and will be joined this Tuesday by Arts and Culture sponsor, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions as they co-host #BlogHour to discuss all things art, culture and travel.

With only 16 days remaining until entries close for the UK Blog Awards 2017. Don’t forget to enter your social media content and nominate your favourite bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers for recognition.




Insight + Leadership


Behind the Scenes at Sports, Health & Fitness Mixer Event

The evening was hosted by Action PR and Hammersmith Books, with judges and fitness and health influencers in attendance. If you couldn’t make the evening, you don’t need to miss out on the action.

Take a look at the some of the super heroic images captured from the evening.


Insight: Urban Kultur | UKBA16 Arts & Culture Individual Winner: Where are you now?

Steven from Urban Kultur, won his UK Blog Awards back in April 2016.
Expect to dive into the world of Urban Kultur during this interview post and find out Steven’s tips on reaching the final phase of the UK Blog Awards. From its design to content, Urban Kultur is most certainly content that does inspire and will continue to do so.


#BlogHour: Travel as an Influencer

Indulge your passion in VisitHolland: whether it’s art, architecture, canals, cycling, Royal Delft or Amsterdam that motivate you to visit. Be swept to Holland this Tuesday via Twitter at 9pm with NBTC as they co-host #BlogHour.

Insight: Caron Cares | UKBA16 Health and Socialcare Individual Winner: Where are you now?

We caught up with 2016 Health and Social Care winner, Caron Cares. Caron Sprake set up her blog back in 2012 when she admits she was a complete technophobe, but her first online project has come such a long way since then. Caron tells us what has been happening in her whirlwind life of blogging which has also seen her scoop two more awards since her individual win at UKBA16, and why making a difference to the care community has made her a true Blog Hero.



Introducing. The Judges.


Each week, we will be introducing you to a selection of industry experts, judging on each category panel.


UKBA17 PR, Media, Marketing and Comms. Panel Judge

Heather Fell, won silver at the Beijing Olympic Games in the sport of Modern Pentathlon. Since her retirement, she has pursued a career in the media working internationally as a sports journalist and commentator.

UKBA17 Parenting Panel Judge

Introducing, Parenting Judge, Rosie Corriette, Blogger and creator of Mummy and Boo. Mummy, Rosie and Boo, Elizabeth are addicted to adventures that take them travelling all over the world and aren’t happy unless they have a flight booked!


UKBA17 Lifestyle Panel Judge

Katrina, Founder of KK Communications was ranked in 2015, the top 50 fastest growing female-led companies. Katrina has worked with many of the leading restuarants, hotel and bar clients and is a great addition to the Lifestyle category panel for UKBA17.

UKBA17 Sports & Fitness Panel Judge

Director at Action PR, Cheryl is a specialist health and fitness PR and marketing. Cheryl is passionate about the industry and recognising influencers for their achievements. Cheryl also supported the introduction of the Sports & Fitness category for the UK Blog Awards 2017. Take a peek at Cheryl’s video biography.



UKBA17 News


Chessie King announced as host for UK Blog Awards

We are delighted to announce that presenter and social media personality, Chessie King will host the UK Blog Awards 2017 on Friday 21st April 2017.

Chessie has vast experience in building a social media presence from scratch and creating her own network of influencers and is a Blog Heroine in her own right.

She’s infectiously energetic, passionate about continuous improvement and being a reputable instagrammer and YouTuber, Chessie can relate to all nominees that are entered into the UK Blog Awards 2017 process.








We are open for submissions!

Hi there everyone,

Jeremy Szal, fiction editor of SSS here. Just a quick note to let you know that StarShipSofa will be

open for submissions from the 1st of November to the 30th. We’re after all manner of science fiction

reprint submissions and from all corners of the globe. If you have a piece that’s published, we want

to see it. Please spread this around: the more submissions we get, more diverse and higher quality

your stories will be. For more details, check the guidelines on the website over here. We’re looking

forward to reading your stories.

Earlier this year we also ran a Translations Month Special, where we played stories translated into

English from other languages. I’m happy to report that we will be running a sequel, Translations

Month Special 2. We’re still building our line-up and are hoping to get stories from all around the

globe and showcase the international diversity and weirdness of the genre. Recommendations are

more than welcome.

That’s it for now! As always, keep listening and keep supporting us however you can. Even a

comment about how much you liked a story helps.

Until next time,

Jeremy Szal


Daily Digest


Most recommended by

people you follow

Recommended by Jason Ahlquist and 41 others

There Are Black People in the Future

Introducing a month exploring Afrofuturism


Florence Okoye in How We Get To Next

8 min read

Recommended by Amy Sterling Casil and 23 others

I think, therefore I am?

I think the truth about this election, which will be exposed in 2017 when the dust settles, isn’t that we had to choose between the lesser…


Todd Hannula ? in BullshitIst

4 min read

Top stories in


‘Paranormal Activity’ vs. ‘Best of the Best’: Which Movie Had the Greater Haunting?

What’s more intense, demonic possession or emotionally charged taekwondo?


Shea Serrano in The Ringer

9 min read

Building the Perfect Movie Studio

Kicking off Future of Movies Week by cutting some checks to Denis Villeneuve, Tilda Swinton, and Tessa Thompson


The Ringer in The Ringer

20 min read

Top stories in


The Unintended Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Change Our World

Driverless tech as a moral imperative for future generations.


Tony Aubé in The Startup

9 min read

What pro computing could be

Since the announcement late last week of revised MacBook Pro models it has become clear that a certain type of person is not happy with the…


Alex Payne

4 min read

Top stories in

Climate Change

Why I don’t use the word “resilience.”

And how we might frame the challenge instead


Alex Steffen

1 min read

Will global warming help drive record election turnout?

Record warmth is projected to continue over the next 10 days.


Joe Romm in ThinkProgress

3 min read


Today’s collections

Reading roulette

Chances are you’ll find a story worth savoring.

77 stories



Are you ready to write 50,000 words in a month?

9 stories


Shaved by the bell

Movember meditations.

9 stories


Get money

VCs vs. Bootstrapping.

5 stories


Recommended by

Medium Staff

Recommended by Medium Staff and 332 others

Twitter’s New @Replies re-design isn’t just stupid; it’s really stupid.

This week I noticed something odd on my desktop Twitter:


Tressie McMillan Cottom

4 min read

Recommended by Medium Staff and 146 others

“I used to cater for the Clintons. Now I go from shelter to shelter.” Bonnie

My name is Bonnie. I used to cater for the Clintons in 2008. It’s really easy to get into this whole ‘Why me, why me?’ thing, but I keep…


stories behind the fog in Stories Behind The Fog

7 min read

Recommended by Medium Staff and 55 others

And Then Advertising Got Weird: What Is Oddvertising?

Why Comedy Is the Most Effective Way to Advertise


Mike Johnston

6 min read

Recommended by Medium Staff and 35 others

Nᵒᵗ Jᵘˢᵗ [Here]: ᵃ Dʳᵒᵖᶜᵃᵖ Pᵒᵉᵐ

Words creating a poem within poems of words.


Ernio Hernandez in CROSSIN(G)ENRES

2 min read

Recommended by Medium Staff and 29 others

Edgar Allan Trump’s “The Raven”

Once, upon a midnight sad, while I pondered, very mad, Over many a rigged and so bad volume of terribly run polls, While I nodded, nearly…


Frankie G. in Slackjaw

3 min read

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The Krypton Radio newsletter ROCKS FROM SPACE is back, direct to your inbox! Here’s the latest:

We’ve had a pretty rough month this month. We lost both Michael Brown, our Four Color Bullet comics columnist, and Vagabond “Tony” Carter, (Robert Hess when not on the air) both to heart attacks within about a week’s time. Michael was 46, and Robert was only 40, and they both died of heart attacks. Two finer men we have never known, and Krypton Radio wouldn’t have grown to be what it is without them. We are saddened, and surprised by the suddenness of it, and confused as to how we’re supposed to go on without these men by our side. It’s just not something you get over. Time shouldn’t heal all wounds. Sometimes you want the people in your life to be a part of you forever, and Robert and Michael always will be.

Also, a minor correction, station owners Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow have been invited to Arisia in Boston in January of 2017 – that’s January, not February – as Radio Guests of Honor.

Remember, you can get some great new shirts at some great new prices on Krypton Radio’s Secret Lab, right on our web site. We have sizes up to 6XL, so there are shirts that fit everyone.

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Keep it tuned to Krypton Radio. It’s the best geek radio there is.

Video of the Day: Silver Surfer Cruises New York for Halloween

Video of the Day: Silver Surfer Cruises New York for Halloween

Performance artist Jesse Wellen has himself painted up as the Silver Surfer and cruises the streets of New York on a silver board.

Read more.

Happy Halloween: Spooky Deals for PC and Console!

Happy Halloween: Spooky Deals for PC and Console!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to get great deals on games. Check ’em out.

Read more.

Cosplay at L.A. Comic Con 2016

Cosplay at L.A. Comic Con 2016

The best costumes at L.A. Comic Con 2016. Check ’em out.

Read more.

The Strangest Marvel Yet ('Doctor Strange' Review)

The Strangest Marvel Yet (‘Doctor Strange’ Review)

“What mysteries lie beyond the reach of your senses?” Susan Chester-Woods reviews.

Read more.

Once Again, An Obituary: Robert Hess, "Vagabond 'Tony' Carter", Gone at 40

Once Again, An Obituary: Robert Hess, “Vagabond ‘Tony’ Carter”, Gone at 40

Another Krypton Radio team member has passed on in the space of two weeks. Robert Hess, you will be sorely missed.

Read more.

Krypton Radio is listener supported radio.

If you like what you’re hearing (and reading) please become a patron of Krypton Radio. Just five green things a month. That’s all we ask.



Enclosed is a press release for our proof-of-concept short we filmed on location in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire entitled THE THREE HARES, which is now live, 31st October 2016, All Hallow’s Eve, on Vimeo and YouTube.

Here is a link to the proof-of-concept short:

Please find the Press Release at link below:

Here is a link to the teaser:

Based on true legends of the west country, THE THREE HARES focuses on the mysterious symbol of the Three Hares (three hares entwined in a circle connected by their ears) and three shape-shifting sibling hare witches.


Since my last email nearly two months ago, my Australian post-apocalyptic fantasy novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT has been getting good reviews – an average of above 4/5 on Amazon. I have created a page on my site that sets out extracts from lots of reviews, together with links to the full reviews.

The promotional blog tour for the book went well – go here for links to all the guest posts, interviews and podcast chat.

CHILDREN is available for just 99 cents on Kindle ebook for a short time – go here to find the Amazon page.



RPGnet Newsletter #75
November 1, 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – Kickstarters You Might Have Missed Edition

Typically, the Newsletter only does one Kickstarter Spotlight per month. After last week’s edition, however, two of your fellow RPGnetters put in requests for Kickstarter Campaigns to be featured in the Newsletter. So, this week, in place of our normal Threads You Might Have Missed feature, we’ll take a quick look at those two additional gaming-related Kickstarters. As always, if you have suggestions or requests for Newsletter content, please shoot me (Iustum) a PM.

First up, requested by RPGnetter El Ravager34, is Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods & Cthulhu Rises. This campaign from Excalibre Games US offers both the base game (Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods) and an expansion (Cthulhu Rises). Mythic Wars is a deckbuilding, dice-rolling tabletop game wherein the players battle it out between groups of deities called factions. The full game rules are available linked from the Kickstarter campaign, making it fairly easy for prospective backers to get a feel for whether this is the type of tabletop game for them.

Excalibre Games has been producing well-regarded tabletop games (predominantly hex-and-counter war games) for many years, so this foray into a different style is well-worth your time to check out. The Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods & Cthulhu Rises Kickstarter runs until December 2.

Second, RPGnetter Allandaros pointed out the Operation Unfathomable Kickstarter Campaign from Jason Sholtis of the Hydra Cooperative. (Full disclosure – Allandaros is a member of the Hydra Cooperative.)

Operation Unfathomable is a “gonzo funhouse” underworld campaign setting for the OSR Swords & Wizardry RPG. The Kickstarter campaign page has loads of previews of the book’s content and art, so a prospective backer should be able to discern pretty quickly whether it would be a useful addition to their OSR library. Also worth noting is that Sholtis is using primarily his own art in the book, which will definitely help maintain its consistent aesthetic. The campaign is also very transparent with regard to shipping costs and has some useful charts to help prospective backers make sense of the various pledge levels. (In fact, after seeing them, Yr. Humble Editor is more than happy to sign a petition that would make similar charts mandatory for all future gaming Kickstarters.)

Overall, if you have any interest in running an underworld-based OSR campaign, it is well worth your time to check this out. The Operation Unfathomable Kickstarter runs until November 10.

New Columns

Christopher Cecil offered up a new Fuzzy Thinking: “A Hard Hobbit to Break.”

Fred Furtado of Superseeds rounded out his series on trophy-based superheroes in “The Trophy Room, Part Three.”

And, Sandy Antunes leapt back up on Sandy’s Soapbox with some tongue-in-cheek advice about “Making IP Theft Work for You!”

New Reviews

The week started off with four more new gaming accessory reviews from Antonios S:

Antonios S also reviewed to supplements for the Dice City board game. First up was “Dice City: Crossroads,” where Dice City becomes more tactical and more themed in a single expansion. Second was “Dice City: All That Glitters,” a meaningful, if somewhat limited, addition to the original game.

John T. Jessop took a look at “Red Mists: Swords Against Sorcery,” a slim, beautiful, visceral and flawed gem of an RPG that gets right most of what makes S&S such a compelling genre.

And, Edward Kabara reviewed the “Call of Cthulhu Seventh Edition Keeper Rulebook,” and found it to suffer from some design/layout problems, but to be a reanimation of a great rule system.

Sign Off

Have a good week, everyone.

  • Iustum
    Newsletter Editor


I am extremely excited to share that Planetary Resources has finalized a 25 million euro investment and cooperation agreement with the Luxembourg Government and the public-law banking institution “Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement” (SNCI).

This funding will accelerate the company’s technical advancements with the aim of launching the first commercial asteroid prospecting mission by 2020.

We’re honored to be working with Luxembourg’s bold and visionary initiative, and are excited to develop the resources on asteroids for a prosperous future for humanity, here on Earth and in space.

Read the full release on our website here.


-Chris Lewicki
President, CEO & Chief Asteroid Miner
Planetary Resources, Inc.

### Newsletter

Art by Frida Lundqvist   Dream-casting Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings

Last week, we learned that the film and licensing rights to Brandon Sanderson’s entire Cosmere have been purchased by DMG Entertainment, and it’s likely that they’ll begin adapting the series with The Way of Kings. Alice Arneson shares some thoughts on the announcement, then turns to a group of Sanderson’s dedicated beta readers for casting suggestions: check out their picks for Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, and the rest of the major characters, and nominate your own cast in the comments!

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Art by Frida Lundqvist   Spin by Robert Charles Wilson is the eBook Club Pick for November!

At the beginning of each month, the eBook Club gives away a free sci-fi/fantasy eBook to club subscribers. We’re happy to announce that the pick for October 2016 is Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson , the Hugo Award-winning first book in Wilson’s Spin trilogy. This title will be available for download from November 1st to the end of day (EST) November 7th; for legal reasons the offer is only open to readers in the U.S. and Canada, but all are welcome to join the conversation on throughout the month!

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  Find Out What’s Inside Brandon Sanderson’s New Cosmere Book Arcanum Unbounded

On November 22nd, fans of Brandon Sanderson’s books get to find out how they’re all connected! Arcanum Unboundedis a collection of stories that take place within the “Cosmere,” the overarching universe that contains the author’s many epics. New readers will find a wealth of exciting introductory stories into Sanderson’s myriad worlds, and established fans will get to enjoy tales from the Mistborn series and read a new multi-chapter Stormlight Archive story before the next book, Oathbringer, arrives. Check out the full Table of Contents here, and let us know what you’re most excited to read!

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  Women of Harry Potter: Ginny Weasley Is Not Impressed

Sarah Gailey starts off a new series of essays about women in the world of Harry Potter with a deep dive into one of the books’ most underappreciated and undervalued characters: Ginevra Molly goddamn Weasley, who let a monster into her heart, looked into the eyes of a murderer, fought for her life, and won….

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  19 Positive Approaches to Religion in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Leah Schnelbach discusses nineteen books and short stories that tackle religious questions in respectful and positive ways-while these stories sometimes go to uncomfortable places, they each take faith seriously, and would be worthy additions to the TBR stacks of believers and non-believers alike. Please add your own suggestions for further reading in the comments!

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Artwork by Anke Eissmann   When the Marvel Magic Feels Flat: A Non-Spoiler Review of Doctor Strange

Marvel’s Doctor Strange-starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, and Rachel McAdams-is out in theaters this week, and Alasdair Stuart has some good news for fans in his non-spoiler review: it’s a solid adaptation, and a very entertaining movie. The bad news is that it could have been so much more…

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Artwork by Anke Eissmann   100 African Writers of SFF – Part Two: Writers in the U.K.

A crime writer whose grandfather was a king…a white South African anti-apartheid activist…a free-market neo-liberal Rastafarian from Zimbabwe…a South African rap/ jazz-rock star, illustrator, and author: these are just a few of the amazing writers you’ll meet in Part Two of our series “100 African Writers of SFF ,” in which award-winning author Geoff Ryman explores the burgeoning literary communities producing science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction across the continent of Africa and beyond.

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  The Loud Table, by Jonathan Carroll

“The Loud Table” by Jonathan Carroll is an SF/fantasy short story about four elderly men who regularly hang out. One of the men is worried that he’s getting Alzheimer’s, but the truth might be even more discomforting.

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  Dune: Red Plague, by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Even in his dreams, he could still hear the long-ago cheering and feel the energy and heartfelt dedication of the crowd. It roared around him, making his sleep restless. Young Manford Torondo could see the beatific face of Rayna Butler, his inspiration, his beloved mentor-whose vision had brought healing and faith to the human race after the bloody generations-long Jihad.

“Dune: Red Plague” is an all-new Tale of the Great Schools of Dune-written to accompany the new novel Navigators of Dune (Tor, September 2016).

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  The Auntie, by Alyssa Wong and Wendy Xu

To help our readers celebrate Halloween (the best holiday of the year, in our opinion), presents “The Auntie”, a delightfully haunting witch duet from the artist Wendy Xu and author Alyssa Wong that’s sure to cast a spell on you!

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Robert Charles Wilson’s SPIN has much to recommend it; here are 5 reasons why we love it: vjHo3
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6 Times People Noped Straight Out of Reality: @bbeaulieu@Rob_Ziegler @erniecline kgcm5
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INVISIBLE PLANETS ed. & trans. by @kyliu99 brings together stunning stories w/ unique takes on speculative fiction: dVnKI
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It’s good to know that even the Great A’Tuin celebrates Halloween: 4KM5j
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2016 World Fantasy Awards

Final Ballot and Life Achievement Award Winners


David G. Hartwell

Andrzej Sapkowski


* Anna Smaill, The Chimes (Sceptre)


* Kelly Barnhill, The Unlicensed Magician (PS Publishing)

* Alyssa Wong, “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers,” (Nightmare magazine, Oct. 2015)

* Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles, eds., She Walks in Shadows (Innsmouth Free Press)

* C. S. E. Cooney, Bone Swans (Mythic Delirium Books)


* Galen Dara


* Stephen Jones, for The Art of Horror (Applause Theatre Book Publishers)


* John O’Neill, for Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature


We hope you all enjoyed last October’s horror issue.  Next up at Quantum Muse we return to our disordered and querky state of varity.

the November, 2016 issue of Quantum Muse is now up at

This month we feature the art of Alastair Temple.

following is a list of this months selections.

The Report by Harris  Tobias

Ultima Ratio: Phase I – Retroviridae by John Henson Webb Deep Water by John Henson Webb Catching A Ride To Lovecraft  by Andrew Dunn

Please remember to check out our weekly flash fiction and discussions.

Have a happy whatever


Time-tripping with Lucid Dreams

Would you like to arrive in the Americas with the Pilgrims, experience ancient Rome, or visit future, domed cities on Mars? Whatever time tripping fantasy you harbor, you can, with proper training and practice, attempt to fulfill it in your dreams.

Most of the time, you probably don’t realize you’ve been dreaming until after you wake up. By then the dream has already come to an end. Some people, however, are conscious that they’re dreaming while the dream is in progress, a state of consciousness known as lucid dreaming. And, research now reveals, lucid dreamers can direct their dreams, much like a film director directs a film. They can create or eliminate characters, fly to distant locales, change their actions and the actions of others, even alter dream weather, scenery, or props. With all those capabilities, lucid dreamers can certainly teach themselves to dream of historic or future locales. –and read the rest here.


A major requirement for successful dream control is the ability to remember, appreciate, and record your dreams
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