Sci-Fi (Dark) Comedy Series “Who You Are” | Episode 3 of 5

The continuing saga of an a-hole AI

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“Who You Are” by Joel Jay Blacker & Sam Roots // Episode 3 of 5

The accidental invention of an asshole AI spells trouble for a tech startup in the late 80’s. While trying to construct a machine capable of providing the world’s most accurate personality quiz, three computer engineers in a small garage in Silicon Valley accidentally stumble upon a full-fledged artificial intelligence that can read souls. The rise and fall of their company, the Mundi Corporation, is told over the course of five episodes.

Director’s Statement:
With the constant talk and threat of the future and AI, we thought it would be funny to take an opposite approach to an AI story. We’re all so confident that the end is nigh when talking about technology, but what if an AI was just as depressed and cynical as us? The show is about three creators who have built what they believe to be the future of tech. Instead, it’s just another headache.

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