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Sci-Fi Short Film: “The Fabric” | DUST Exclusive

Mmmm - Visually stunning?

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Laws of the Universe” | DUSTExclusive

An interesting take on alien invasion

Sci-Fi Short Film: “End of Decay” | DUST

Read your history! Griffin did pretty much the same thing with similar ending results

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Satori [Awakening]” | DUST Exclusive

A mysterious environmental force may threaten humanity

Sci-Fi Short Film: “U ME I” | DUST

Utopias almost always aren't

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Automaton” | DUST

A tale from the strange side

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Dominion” | DUST

Before you use new tech - read the manual. The entire manual.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Details to Follow” | DUST

How well do you know the person you've been locked up with?

Sci-Fi Short Film: “After We Have Left Our Homes” | DUST

Under a dictatorship that has banned music, a man hides a record until he is caught.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Grapefruit & Heat Death!” | DUST

The Heat Death of the Universe in one easy lesson

Sci-Fi Short Film “Melting Point ” | DUST

In this surreal comedy a man wages war against his malfunctioning smart house

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Beacon” | DUST Exclusive

Mark travels to the far reaches of the galaxy in search of his wife.

Sci-Fi Short Film “Technology Lake: Meditations on Death andSex” | DUST

A dog and her owner navigate the perils of modern technology.

Sci-Fi Short Film “AI-POCALYPSE” presented by DUST

Will AI's really wear high heels?

Sci-Fi Short Film “Reflections Full of Life” presented by DUST

In her quest for real love, she finds a door to a different reality.

Sci-Fi Short Film “Starian” presented by DUST

Two young women explore an alien planet, with the intention of opening a mysterious canister

Sci-Fi Short Film “Who Among Us” presented by DUST

Contestant Seven painfully unravels on a live game show where one android is hidden among humans.

Sci-Fi Short Film “That Phone Call” presented by DUST

The future perils of advertising

Sci-Fi Short Film “A Shot of Irish” | A DUST Exclusive...

A stranded hitchhiker has a cryptic conversation with the bartender of a forgotten tavern and finds himself slipping through a crack in time

Sci-Fi Short Film “Travelooper” presented by DUST

Desperately shy Graham believes he is destined to always be alone

Sci-Fi Short Film “Thalamos” presented by DUST

Commander Charlie Shaw finds himself alone on the red planet and isolated from his crew. He uncovers some disturbing truths about his situation and the fate of the mission.

DUST Presents FLOW | A Meditative Experience | 4KTrailer

Escape the constant stream of modern distractions by taking back your attention through ambient music and striking imagery

Sci-Fi Short Film “Midnight Marathon” presented by DUST

When the whole world is hypnotized by an unexplained celestial event, a young boy must face his fear of the unknown

Sci-Fi Short Film “Don’t Mess with the Sharkies” presentedby DUST

People not at the top of the food chain anymore

Sci-Fi Short Film “Bubble” presented by DUST

The Bubble can protect you, the Bubble can trap you

Sci-Fi Short Film “Quantum Love” presented by DUST

A "small" love story

Sci-Fi Short Film “Cupid’s Paradise” presented by DUST

a world where everyone is rated based on superficial factors

Sci-Fi Short Film “Love Automated” presented by DUST

It's hard to surprise your girlfriend when technology keeps spoiling your ideas.

Sci-Fi Short Film “Outpost” | A DUST Exclusive Premiere

A first contact tale that features a defense of humanity and...love