Loscon 46: A Sci-Fi Fan Fest

Recursor TV covers Loscon 46

Recursor.TV attended this year’s Loscon 46, which ran from November 29 to December 1, 2019. Billed as Los Angeles’ oldest running science fiction convention, Loscon continues to find ways to connect with genre fans.

Panel from Loscon 46, photo courtesy of Recursor.TV

Organizers this year reported that attendance for the event was up from last year, despite inclement weather wreaking havoc on attendees’ travel schedules.

Dealers room, Loscon 46, courtesy of Recursor.TV

The weekend event featured a dealers room (pictured) and a crowded schedule of panelists.

This year’s theme was the nexus of science fiction and fantasy, which paved the way for some interesting panels. Many wonderful writers spoke on a variety of fun and informative topics, everything from time travel to AI to the rise of Eastern science fiction.

Larry Niven and Steven Barnes at Loscon 46, photo courtesy of Recursor.TV

Some of the exceptional writers who spoke included Larry Niven, Stephen Barnes and Xia Jia (pictured).

All in all, it was another great year for Loscon!

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