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...before you were born, people could breath the air of Earth


If we're living in a simulation - who created it?


Nice visuals, odd story

Interview with Director Cidney Hue

Frimn Sailor Moon to Ovum


Thousands of years after Earth is able to sustain life again, a young woman lands on the planet's surface alone.


What makes you think you're so special?

Room 88

Time is necessary so that everything doesn't happen all at once.
Touch (Short Film) Directed by Shola Amoo Starring Tanya Fear (Kick Ass 2)


The future of love?


A UFO changes Christmas - batteries included

The Vault: Survivor

Get drawn in to this apocalyptic vision, the first in a series
After We Leave interview with director Aleem Hossain on Recursor.TV

Indie Focus: After We Leave’s Aleem Hossain

"...I realized it was the film I’d been waiting for without realizing it: a sci-fi film that trusted its audience to figure things out."


Quantum travel may leave something behind
Panel from Loscon 46, photo courtesy of Recursor.TV

Loscon 46: A Sci-Fi Fan Fest

Recursor TV covers Loscon 46


When everything goes wrong in a hyper-connected world
Hasraf Dulull on set of THE BEYOND, an interview on Recursor.TV

Study Sci-Fi Filmmaking with Director Hasraf Dulull

Got the filmmaking bug? Check out this course
INFINITUS Q&A with Cameron Currin on Recursor.TV - behind the camera

Going Old-School with the Maker of Infinitus

With a desire to fuse the style of classics such as 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY with modern films such as SUNSHINE and INTERSTELLAR, Currin and his crew are going old-school

Other Space: Episode 1

We can't display this one directly, but clicking the link is worth it.

5 Fun Sci-Fi Web Series You May Have Overlooked

Five indie SF series you ought to check out


A strange little ditty with a disturbing ending.

When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

An interview with the creator of When Sci Fi Got It (Mostly) Right.

Sending Messages: A Chat with METI’S Doug Vakoch

Is actively trying to contact ET a good idea? Dr. Vakoch thinks so.

Neibauer: Memento Ergo Sum Ep. 1

The holographically rebooted murder victims think they're people...but they're not.

Horizon: Ep. 1 – The Arrival

watch Horizon: Episode 1 - The Arrival

Review: The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Vol. 4

Shout out to Gardner Dozois and Neil Clarke

HPlus: Digital Series Ep. 1

Brain implants. What could possibly go wrong

Continuum: Episode 1

Recursor starts a new series - a mystery aboard a starship

Aidan 5: Season 1, Episode 1

Aidan: A new series featuring a cloned detective.
The Courier - Short Film

The Courier

A futuristic chase flick from RecursorTV
Gill by Kieran Moreira, interview on Recursor.TV

Movie Magic: An Interview with Director Kieran Moreira

An interview with writter and director Kieran Moreira

Trailer: GILL

Gill features a test pilot fighting with a malfuntioning teleportation suit