State Judge Awards Peter S. Beagle $332K in Damages
A California court has ruled in favor of Peter S. Beagle about most of his claims in a suit against former manager Connor Cochran, and awarded him $332,500 in damages. In a decision handed down June 21, Alameda County Superior

Sam J. Miller Wins 2019 John W. Campbell Memorial Award
Sam J. Miller’s Blackfish City has won this year’s John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science fiction novel. The honor was presented during the Campbell Conference Award Banquet on June 28. In the words of the awards administrators —

Pixel Scroll 6/28/19 A Pixel’s A Pixel, No Matter How Scrolled
LEADING EFFECTS ARTISTS GATHER. Last night in Beverly Hills, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosted “Galactic Innovations: Star Wars and Rogue One”, with some people who have made special effects history. Over the last 40 years,

Fran Skene Named CUFF Delegate
CUFF Administrator Kent Pollard announced today that the Canadian fan selectors have chosen Fran Skene to be the 2019 Canadian Unity Fan Fund Delegate representing western Canada to the Can-Con Canvention in Ottawa October 18-20, 2019 Fran Received widespread

Annalee Newitz Wins 2019 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
Annalee Newitz’ short story “When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis” is the winner of the 2019 Theodore A. Sturgeon Memorial Award. The award was presented during the Campbell Conference Awards reception on Friday, June 28. Newitz’ story was

Now and Then
By John Hertz: (reprinted from No Direction Home 17): A place where I sometimes go to dance has a print of Al Hirschfeld’s 1989 caricature of Sammy Davis, Jr. (1925-1990). Friday the 21st, first day of summer, was Hirschfeld’s birthday

Uncanny Magazine Issue 29 Launches 7/2
The 29th issue Uncanny Magazine will be available on July 2. Hugo Award-winning Publishers/Editors-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas are proud to present the 29th issue of their 2016, 2017, and 2018 Hugo Award-winning online science fiction and fantasy magazine. As

Pixel Scroll 6/27/19 Never Scroll A Filer When Pixels Are On The Line!
DISNEY’S STICKY FINGERS LAND. Brady Macdonald, in “Galaxy’s Edge smugglers make off with anything not nailed down in Disneyland’s new Star Wars land” in the Redlands Daily Facts, says that crooks have been helping themselves to maps of Galaxy’s

Somewhere in Time Day
By Steve Vertlieb: It’s June 27, 2019! Somewhere in Time Day, precisely, — the day Richard Collier met Elise McKenna in 1912. “There were a number of factors that led me to forming INSITE (International Network of Somewhere in Time

Pixel Scroll 6/26/19 Pixel Scroll Powers Activate!
HILL HOUSE. Whatever DC Comics’ other problems may be, they’re pretty sure they can sell this: “DC Launching New Horror Line From Writer Joe Hill”. Hill House Comics will consist of five miniseries and debut this October. Just days

Broken Hearts and Hugos
Ulrika O’Brien launches BEAM 14 with an editorial that might have gone unnoticed outside the circle of FAAn Award voters if she hadn’t (1) given John Scalzi the KTF treatment and (2) Scalzi hadn’t tweeted a link to the zine

Filers at Dublin 2019 Worldcon – A Discussion
By Hampus Eckerman: We are getting closer to Dublin 2019 and questions have started to popup regarding filer meetups. As I did plan the meetups for MidAmerCon 2 and Helsinki 75, I thought I’d try to organize the meetups this

Moon Landing Oreos
Once the commemorative Moon Landing Oreos hit the markets, John King Tarpinian not only took a photo of a package in his local Target store (published here last week), he bought it and gifted it to me when we met

Pixel Scroll 6/25/19 Cthulhu’s On First?
Editor’s Note: My ISP took the site down for several hours to do database maintenance. I was notified earlier today it would happen and put the info in a comment, however, I doubt many people saw it. We’re back now!

Pixel Scroll 6/24/19 The Beast That Shouted “It’s Too Dark In Here To Read!*@%#$” At The Heart (Of Darkness) In The World
TIME FOR A CHAT. Juliette Wade’s new Dive Into Worldbuilding features inventive storyteller Jaymee Goh. Watch and listen on YouTube, or read the synopsis posted on the site. (Or both!) It was a pleasure to have Jaymee Goh on

Premios Kelvin 505 – 2019 Winners
Spain’s Festival Celsius 232 committee announced the 2019 Premios Kelvin 505 award winners on June 24. The Festival Celsius 232 takes place July 17-20 in Avilés, Spain. Congratulations to Tomi Adeyemi whose work in Spanish translation won the youth novel

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #41
Chernobyl: A Review By Chris M. Barkley: Chernobyl (****, 2019, 200 minutes) with Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård, Paul Ritter, Jessie Buckley, Adam Nagaitis, Con O’Neill, Adrian Rawlins,Sam Troughton, Robert Emms,Emily Watson, David Dencik, Mark Lewis Jones, Alan Williams, Alex Ferns, …

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