AMAZING NEWS: 6/30/19 Pre Declaration Anniversary Edition


If you’ve always wanted to be a porn star, Deep Fakes may be your answer.  Even if you’ve never wanted to be a porn star.

Speaking of Reparations…They’ve already been paid.  To slave holders.



A surprisingly accurate history of the Propeller Beanie

Training for robots –

and the aftermath

More robots:  Abel Mabel from a 1966 BBC Program

And even MORE robots, this one via Jim Henson of Muppets Fame

Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Future in the Past

A Collection of Strange and Interesting Photographs

Fun with Stranger Things


Wiscon Program Books on Auction

Latest Issue of Alcyone Released

CBS:  Walter Cronkite, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein and the Golden Age of Moon Landing Coverage

John Scalzi’s Comments on Ulrika’s Comments

Dave Langford draws attention to Jules Feiffer

From the “I think now I’ve seen it all” Department:  Neil Clarke reports that someone submitted Liu Cixin’s Three Body Problem as their own work

Dem. Candidate Kamala Harris Disses Science Fiction.  Some Fans Are Upset

Taking Publishers to Task, 1975 Style

Private Forrest J. Ackerman

Hansen’s Bibliography of Fan History Works

It’s Time for the Clarion Workshops


David A. Hardy Wants You to Know Today is ASTEROID Day

THIS might be the storage medium you’re looking for

Billion Dollar Photos From Jupiter


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