AMAZING NEWS: 11/15/20

Note:  Some items  were not included owing to local scheduling conflicts.  An Amazing News Addenda will be published later today.

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Tanya Tynjala shows off her first story translated into english

How Kubrick ruined everything.  Well, just science fiction, actually.

Jeff VanderMeer says “an apocalypse doesn’t have to mean the end of the world, but a reimagining of how we live on it.” in this NYTimes podcast

CNN’s Jake Tapper acknowledges female contributions and should be emulated

Ploughshares‘ latest issue

Announcing SMOFcon 37 1/4

The Orville’s 3rd season announced (nice to see “real” Star Trek back on TV for a change.  Yes, that is a snarky comment.  Doesn’t make it less true.)

J. Michael Straczynski was appointed the estate executor for Susan & Harlan Ellison.  Over the past week he has teased a project, which turned out to be an announcement that a “version” of The Last Dangerous Visions (yes, pick your jaw up and read that again) will be offered to publishers in 2021.  You can join a short-term Patreon tier to learn more about the content.

More coverage of the above

Paul Levinson asks:  what is the role of the SF author today?

We now know what (at least one species of) dinosaur butts looked like.  If that doesn’t slake your thirst for butts, here are some cat butt cookie cutters.  Yes, it is a thing.

Disney is in development of its first featured Nigerian fantasy Princess

The mainstay of SF film audio tracks is 100 years old.  Wave “Hi!” to the Theremin.  (Hey, not so close, that sounded weird!)

Pohl and Kuttner’s Gravy Planet adds another fulfilled prognostication:  Israeli tech beams focused sound to a single individual.

Baby Yoda Cancelled Over Accusations of Genocide.  (Then restored after people remembered its just a Disney TV version of something that used to be called “Star Wars”.  And yes, that was another snarky comment.)

Robot Wolf Protects Japanese Crops from Bears

WHEN!?! will we get to see Wonder Woman 1984?

Detailed model of the rocket from Frau im Monde

Has anyone asked Neil deGrasse Tyson what kind of bait he intends to use when ice fishing on Ganymede?

Pre-Seldon Seldon predicts the next twenty years are going to be worse

Cool website devoted to robots

Johnny 5 is Alive!, presumably in this planned remake of Short Circuit

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