AMAZING – YUGE – NEWS: 10-15-2017


Why we can’t have nice things

Patton Oswalt on Trump & Weinstein (peas in a pod is too cliche)

Suggesting That Weinstein’s Behavior is “Jewy Behavior” is, in a word, antisemitic

Bee Is Right:  No One Wants To See Your Penis, Thanks For Not Asking

We Thought This Was A Trailer for Brin’s The Postman 2.  Sadly, it’s not fiction

Little Donnie Gets His First Report Card (I hope his dad has a woodshed)

Amazon’s Price Suspended for Harassing Isa Hackett, Philip K. Dick’s Daughter

What Does It Say About Us When the New York Times Publishes a Primer on Survival Gear?


More Space Cadets Art (hey, if this keeps going, ‘space cadet’ might start meaning something positive again!) Nice Art

Ever Seen Supercar?  Wanna Watch? (Probably not legal, but available now)

Infinity Wars Display Hints at Cast of Characters

Justice League Promo

Marquez Sci Fi Art

Uhura and Barak

Unique SJW Credentials

Putin Gets A Puppy (who knew they’ve infiltrated Russia?)

Skywalker Cast On Both Sides of the Force

Movies Anywhere Launched

A Look Back At Fanzines


Android Roundup

New Mutants Teaser (What Happened to the Old Mutants?)

New Stranger Things Trailer (What Happened to the Old Stranger Things?)

Another SJW Credential Pulled From A Pipe

Sounds From Space

How To Save Dark Matter:  Mash It Up With Stargate

Review:  Frau im Monde

Lady Superheroes Want Their Own All-Lady-Superhero Movie (if there were really lady superheroes, this would have happened a long time ago, right?)


The Maestro of Mall World To Receive European Cultural Achievement Award

Dr. Yoji Kondo Passes and a Nice Tribute

SFWA Fantasy Bundle

Windows 10 Breaches Euro Privacy Laws

Collectibles Up For Grabs

Have a Seat:  Now, about that contribution to StarShipSofa

SFWA’s October Market Report

Czech SF Anthology

Pournelle, Gingrich and Trump (via Pretty Terrible)

Open Call for Book Smugglers

Uchronie Actusf Finalists Announced

Parsec Award Nominees

Browser Crypto-Coin Mining (Is there anything more futurific than that? I live here and have no idea what that means!)

Scalzi on Weinstein

Freelance Authors Being Targeted by Job Offer Scams

N3F Short Story Contest

Gefen Awards

Twitter to Change Anti-Harassment Policy


M Drive M Figured M Out?

NASA Says There’s a Ninth Planet…but it might be the tenth

New Jane Goodall Footage

Ready for Intelligent Robots?  Better Be.

Track and Listen In On Satellites With Coat Hangers!

It’s Space-Walkin Time!

As If We Don’t Have Enough To Worry About Already:  Yellowstone’s Magma Chamber Refills Much More Quickly Than Originally Thought.  Much More Quickly.

On The Other Hand – Blue Whales, Possibly Mating

Heroic Cassini Battled Hard During Descent

Ion Thruster Breaks Records

Crows Trained to Clean Up Cigarette Butts…(doesn’t the Bible suggest we’re supposed to be taking care of them?)

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