Review: Literature by Guillermo Stitch


The first thing to catch the readers eye is the unique title. This seemingly ambiguous label is quite literal in its intention. Literature by Guillermo Stitch is an ambitious debut, centering around a multi-layered definition of literature and the dystopian world that is driven by the powerful tool.

Written in the popular style of a noir mystery novella, this complex story takes a lot to comprehend and is not the quick read one might assume at first glance. However, Stitch does include a bit of satirical flair, providing the necessary levity to such a dark concept and helping keep the plot rolling.

Following the Second Enlightenment, fiction is condemned. Those in control has made reading and writing of the genre illegal. I world where literature is truly power, the company Gripping Tails looks to monopolize on the banned works. Or unsuspecting hero is Billy Stringer, a lawful journalist with his own secrets who is being recruited by Gripping Tails. Facing a decision that could change his life forever, Stringer suddenly finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game of literary havoc.

Not unlike some of the characters in Anthony Burgess’ iconic dystopian tale A Clockwork Orange, Literature includes a unique dialect that embodies the cultural ideology of a dark world of literary intolerance. The difference is, Literature often uses current words and terminology in a confusing alternative manner that can unintentionally mislead the reader.

Readers should also be aware that author Stitch does provide the illustrative “registered trademark” symbol for many of the noted titles, enhancing the importance of literary marketing and just how influential literature is in this dark world. Thought these are fictional brands, the extensive use of the mark is hard to miss.

The book Literature may not be for everyone, but as an inaugural publication from writer Guillermo Stitch, fans of dystopian stories with noir flair should take notice.


  1. Delighted to share the news that Literature® has won the 2019 INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER (IPPY) Award for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. I hope your readers will consider getting themselves a copy.


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