The Quick-n-Hasty Non-Editorial

Thoughts on instruction manuals in regards to health care costs.

Writing this real fast today as getting the print issues out the door takes priority.

FIRST:  Don’t forget our Amazing SF Trivia Contest.  Entries can be posted until this coming Tuesday at midnight, est;  winners will be announced on Wednesday when we launch the SECOND AmaZING SF Trivia Contest!

TWO winners in EVERY Contest!  First correct answer plus a random draw from all answers.  (Not supposed to tell you this, but more “guesses” increases your chance of winning!  Don’t tell them I told you.)

SECOND:  Want to have a nice, temperature-raising, blood pressure-spiking, adrenaline over-dosing day?

Here’s How.  Start a magazine.  Make the decision to address your subscriptions electronically.  Simple.

Side Note for anyone interested in a career in technical writing:

You may be responsible for inducing heart attacks, strokes and/or insanity if your instructions tell users to “click on the Address button”, when, in reality, your website has a “Contacts” button….

You can personally help reduce the healthcare costs of an entire nation by either re-writing your instructions to conform to the website’s actual language, OR, getting the site designers to change their website language to conform to your instructions.  We don’t care how you do it, just do it.

All – you’re issues will be arriving soon!


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