AMAZING NEWS: Winter Solstice Adjacent Edition: 12-23-18


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Mattis Resigns:  Read the resignation letter, it’s a model of professional put-downs.

First Cinematic Take on African American Love:  1898 Film Clip gets Beale Street Score

How to Handle Porch Pirates

Blind, worm-like amphibian named for Trump – because it hides its head in the sand (not the only creature named for Trump characteristics)

Merry X-Mas & Evangelical Identity

Kirk/Shatner On #MeToo


Hugo Gernsback & Sam Moskowitz Video! (What’s the relationship between SF and Real Life?)

BBC’s Surviving Clips of Asimov’s The Caves of Steel, with Peter Cushing! From 1964

Dust’s Latest:  Perfectly Natural

Al Sirois Cover Reveal for Philly Ghous

NASA asked to Rescue Tony Stark

Eggleton:  Jupiter Rising

Hellboy Reboot

Men In Black: International

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s Star Wars Re-Make

RIP Thunderbolt

Aquaman’s Sea Creature Creator

Reboot Rebooted:  Galactica

New Mutants Still Going Ahead

Harry Mudd Resurfaces

NY Times Comic Picks

Dark Crystal Coming Back


How to Step on Your Parsec:  Four Winners Reject Award

Specultive Fiction Showcase Open for Submissions

The Future of Work (ought to be you don’t have to unless you want to) SF Authors Speculate

FYI:  This is still going on

Ten Best Fantasy Books of 2018

Unbeliveable: Science Fiction, Science Fact and How to Tell the Difference unveiled

The Future of YA Fiction is…purple?

The Eyes Have It?


Did you know there are ILLEGAL satellites in space?

Farout – Solar System’s Pink Dwarf Planet

(Maybe belongs here):  Crypto-Currency-Cruise and the Future

Boring Company Tunnel Test Ride (ha ha.  “Boring” company)

9 Runners Up for Science Breakthrough of the Year (reminds me of Dr. Emilio Lizardo’s first transdimensional travel experiment:  he almost broke through….)

Electric Flight

Science Jokes (groan)

Scary Things Digital Assistants Say


Bye Bye Robot Star Trek Prints

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